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LG G7 vs Pixel 2 XL: What You Need to Know



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LG G7 ThinQ Release Date & Price

LG G7 ThinQ Release Date & Price

Last but finally not least, when can you get one and for how much. Well, Google Pixel 2 XL is an expensive phone. You can get it now for anywhere between $500-$800 depending on when or where you buy it. Most likely though, it'll cost over $700. 

LG's G7 is rumored to cost just $699. And while they didn't confirm pricing or an exact release date yet, that's what we're hearing. 

Almost all carriers in the United States (except AT&T) will offer the LG G7 starting June 1st, and pricing will get announced soon. You'll be able to get it on a monthly payment plan so it's affordable, and we'll update when we know more. 

Just know that these are two excellent phones with a lot to like. Do you want a notch in your screen? Do you prefer stock Android? Do you want dual rear cameras or a wide angle lens? These are the questions you need to ask, then choose which phone is right for you. 

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