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LG V30: 6 Reasons to Wait & 4 Reasons Not to



Wait If You Want Fast Performance

Wait If You Want Fast Performance

LG works closely with Google to offer the latest software, and it's highly likely the V30 will debut with Android 8.0. Being one of the first phones to use the latest and greatest version of Android. 

Add in the fact that the LG V30 will likely have the latest Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor, 4-6GB of RAM and tons of storage, performance won't be an issue. LG gets better each and every year, as does its software, so we're expecting great performance from this phone. 

The phone will ship with the Google Assistant built-in, as well as potentially LG's own AI system of some sort. The company also bundles useful software tools and features for owners. Drawing on the screen, taking multiple screenshots, helpful reminders, and alerts that pop up for device maintenance or traffic for the day and more. LG does a lot, and expect everything and more inside this phone. 

Don't expect an S-Pen stylus like Samsung, but the phone will certainly be more than capable of handling anything and everyone owners ask of it. 



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