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Amazing Lose It! Black Friday Deals Can Help You Lose Weight



One of the best weight loss apps is running a special during Black Friday that will help you lose weight during the rough holiday season and get a jump start on your new year’s goals. Lose It! Premium is 50% off during Black Friday and you can save over $100 on a DNA based action plan to lose weight. Here are the Lose It! Black Friday deals you can’t miss in 2017.

We’re in the process of using Lose It! Premium to kick start our weight loss journey after too many months of slacking. We like the witty reminders to log your information each day and the ease of use when looking up items we need to log.

Check out these Lose It! Black Friday deals.

Check out these Lose It! Black Friday deals.

With Lose It! Premium you can set more goals and the data shows that premium users report three times the weight loss of basic members. With a premium membership you get personalized data analysis, customized goal setting, meal planning, water tracking, and expert guidance.

Normally this upgrade is $39.99 for a year, but during Black Friday you get 50% off. That brings Lose It! Premium down to $19.99, which is about $2 a month. You can purchase this in the Lose It app for iPhone or Android. You can download them form the App Store or Google Play Store.

if you are looking for even more customization, you can check out the embodyDNA deal that cuts $120.94 off the price of this personalized plan that uses your DNA to help formulate a weight loss program. The embodyDNA Black Friday price is $79.99, which includes DNA sequencing and the embodyDNA service.

With embodyDNA you can get a custom plan to lose weight, that is as unique as you.

With embodyDNA you can get a custom plan to lose weight, that is as unique as you.

With this tool you can figure out which foods, drinks, and activities could activate weight loss, based on your DNA. This deal is available at embodyDNA in partnership with Helix.

Both of these deals are available from midnight on Black Friday, through the end of Cyber Monday. That’s 12:01 Am on November 24th through 11:59PM on November 28th.

11 Best Weight Loss Apps To Lose Weight in 2019

Lose it Weight Loss App

Lose it Weight Loss App

Lose It is a free weight loss app for iPhone and Android that helps you achieve sustainable healthy weight loss. This tool includes an app as well as a website so you can see your information on your computer as well. 

You can connect to people, your various devices and food information that will help you lose weight with smart decisions. Lose It helps you create a personalized weight loss plan with goals that include a goal weight as well as total wellness and fitness.

The app includes access to a verified food database that helps you track your calories with easy searching, or add custom foods and you can share recipes. You can also scan a UPC to add food.

Lose It connects to other apps like RunKeeper, Nike+ and a variety of devices and scales to help you track all of your fitness data easily and intelligently. You can create goals with a group of friends, challenge friends or yourself and get support from the group to stay on track.

Lose It is free, with a $39.99 premium option that includes much more tracking, meal planning and other upgrades. 

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