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Minecraft Discovery Update Release Date & Features



There’s no bigger video game phenomenon gripping the world today than Mojang’s Minecraft. Part survival game and world building tool, Minecraft has sold millions of copies and spawned its own story related franchise, Minecraft Story Mode. This April, Mojang and its partner developers are planning something big for lovers of Minecraft. They are calling it the Minecraft Discovery Update, and it’ll add tons of new things for players to craft and experience.

The Minecraft Discovery Update is just the latest in a vast set of improvements that Mojang has made to the game over time. New refreshes and upgrades arrive for different versions of the title regular. Minecraft is available on tons of different devices. That being said, they don’t always stay in sync. The original version routinely has upgrades that other versions of the game have to wait for. That’s why the Minecraft Discovery Update release is such a big deal. Gamers on the iPhone and more will finally get new additions to the title, like llamas.

Here’s what you need to know about the Minecraft Discovery Update release date and more.

Minecraft Discovery Update Release Date

Despite revealing the game update, Mojang didn’t say too much about the Minecraft Discovery Update release date in its blog announcing the upgrade. We can assume that the game update will launch soon because its being publically talked about. Usually, Minecraft upgrades and new content aren’t revealed too ahead of their release. This keeps them fresh on people’s mind.

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All the Versions Getting the Minecraft Discovery Update Release

We may not know the Minecraft Discovery Update release date, but we do know which versions of the game are getting the upgrade. At least, for now, some players are going to find themselves left out. Mojang says that this update is for “Pocket and Windows 10” editions of the game. That means that Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPhone and Android users can expect the upgrade. If you have the game on an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android phone, you’ll get this update.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, that is the version available from the Windows Store, is getting the Minecraft Discovery Update too. This is the same version that unlocks when you purchase a Java copy of the game. Coincidentally, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is $9.99 for a limited time.

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It is not yet clear is if the Minecraft Discovery Update will include the Windows phone versions of the game.

Minecraft Discovery Update Android Beta

We do know that Android users will be able to get their hands on the Minecraft Discovery Update first. That’s because Mojang is planning a Minecraft Discovery Update Android Beta. We don’t know when gamers will be able to join the program. “We’re not ready to open the beta up quite yet, but as soon as we are we’ll let you know,” a post on the notes.

Minecraft Discovery Update Crafting

Gamers will get the opportunity to die their beds with the Minecraft Discovery Update. Glazed Terracotta blocks and concrete blocks are included in the update too. Players can smelt ingots and remix mobs’ movement properties too.

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It’s not yet clear what other kinds of materials we can expect. For sure, Mojang is holding something back. The company plans to reveal more of what’s in the Minecraft Discovery Update in the not too distant future.

Minecraft Discovery Update Features

Bartering with a cartographer for a treasure packs is just one of the features we know are coming with the Minecraft Discovery Update release. Another is the ability to put supplies into a llama pack or shulker box.

There’s a Forest Mansion that players will need to find too. The Enchantment of Frostwalking will allow gamers to pass a river to get where they need to go. Using the Enchantment of Mending ability, players can keep their weapons sharp and ready for better when they come across dangerous enemies. Illagers will attempt to stop players from claiming the materials in the Forest Mansion.

We don’t know when the Minecraft Discovery Update will arrive, but we absolutely know its price. Add-on packs for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition cost money, but upgrades to the game don’t. The Minecraft Discovery Update will be completely free, just as all updates have been. Updates to the game simply download directly from the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store automatically.

Expect more news about the Minecraft Discovery Update in soon. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to look for updates for other versions of the game too. Mojang has confirmed there is a Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition coming for Nintendo’s new console.

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