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5 New Destiny 2 Features Worth Upgrading For



Destiny 2 Weapons & Armor

Destiny 2 Weapons & Armor

Destiny 2 features an upgraded line-up of weapons and armor that you’ll want to upgrade for. Character progression is a big part of the Destiny experience. It’s these pieces of loot that boost your character’s health and stamina beyond their base stats.

We know that armor will be customizable. Bungie teased new helmets and chest pieces during a reveal event in mid-May. Players need to change their armor as they progress through the game’s story. Destiny 2’s website confirms this much.

There are Power, Energy and Kinetic weapons. The right weapon for you depends on your play style and how you’ve outfitted your Guardian thus far. Inflicting the most damage requires balancing the enhancements you get from your armor and the type of weapon you have.

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