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New Year’s Resolution – Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money



Getting a better job is an ever popular New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve decided that 2012 is your year to make more money, get better benefits or just have a better work life balance, I want to share a collection of iPhone apps and Android apps to help you find a new job in 2o12.

New Years Resolutions are easier to keep and to work on if you can fit them into your busy schedule. To help you find a new job or make more money I’ve picked my favorite apps, tips and books that can be used on your smartphone.

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Most of these apps are free, and the books I suggest can be found on the Kindle bookstore at great prices. You can spend a lot of money on finding a new job, but I suggest checking out these apps and tips before you spend money on your New Year’s Resolution.

Apps to Help You Get a New Job


New Year's Resolution Find a Better Job App - Monster’s iPhoen and Android apps bring the job search database to your smartphone in a free and easy to use app.

While i don’t recommend searching for a new job while at work, you could do some productive stall surfing while on a bathroom break to find a better job.

The app searches all of the jobs and looks for jobs near you using your phone’s GPS. You can apply for jobs straight from your iPhone or save the job to your Monster account and apply later on your computer.

iPhone | Android

JobServe Connect

New Year's Resolution Find a Better Job App - Jobserve COnnect

JobServe Connect is another free app that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolution to find a better job. This app lets you search near you, or across the country tot find a job that fits your skills, desired role or job keywords. You can set your desired salary scale right from the search screen.

YOu can use the built in search wizard to help you create a better job search so that you don’t have to wade through jobs you aren’t interested in. If you find a new job, you can email it to yourself or apply right from your phone.

iPhone | Android


JobFinder iPhone App

JobFinder is another free job search app that can help you with your New Year’s Resolution of finding a better job. One fo the great things abotu this app is that it searches CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Oodle, Simply Hired, Monster, Dice and many more so that you can get the greatest number of results in the shortest amount of time.

The app also allows you to upload resumes directly to apply from your phone.

iPhone | Android

HireADroid and getHired

hireadroid and getHired job search apps

Another great job search app is available for Android and Windows Phone 7. HireADroid and getHired are from the same developer and offer access to LinkUp,,, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, & CareerBuilder from a single search.

Search for jobs in a specific role, with a specific company or in a new location from your phone.

Android | Windows Phone 7


Apps for finding anew job won’t be enough to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution on your own, you also need to network with people in your industry.

Finding people in the industry you want to join has been restricted to conferences in the past, but with Twitter and Facebook, you can network anywhere — even from your phone.

I’ve found several jobs, by networking on Twitter, and it doesn’t tale a whole lot of effort. My biggest suggestion is to follow the hashtags used by conferences that are important in your industry. This will allow you to find other people in your industry easily. Once you have connections, chat, help and share with your new industry connections. You can also look for industry connections on Facebook, but I think Twitter offers an easier means of finding people who are passionate about a certain subject or industry leaders.

Here are some good tips for following conference hashtags.

Be sure you share information that is relevant and that wouldn’t make someone worry about hiring you. That means sharing interesting industry content, asking questions and the like — not posting updates about getting wasted or doing anything illegal.

Apps like TweetBot, Plume and Tweetdeck for the iPhone and Android make it easy to follow hashtags and update form your phone.

Create Your Resume

Before you can apply fo ra new job, you should freshen up your resume. You no longer need to spend hours trying to remember your wok history or formatting a document thanks to social networks and apps.

If you have kept your employment history in LinkedIN, on Facebook, or have a smartphone you are minutes away from a professional looking resume.

Pocket Resume

Resume App for iPhone and Android

Forget laying out your resume and use this $3 app to build one from scratch. You simply enter your information into easy to follow forms and PocketResume will create your resume for your.

You can email your resume to yourself, export as a PDF and customize sections to fit your needs and preferred resume look.

iPhone | Android

If you need a second set of eyes on your resume, you can often get help from the Career Resource Center at the college you graduated form or even just attended for free.

Read the 4 Hour Workweek

Four Hour WorkweekIf there is one book you should read to jump start your New Year’s Resolution to find a better job it’s the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

The 4 Hour Work Week is a great book for those who want to make their job better, who want to get their dream job or start their own business. Filled with tips, case studies and scripts you can use to get more money at work or arrange a work from home arrangement with your boss.

I prefer the Kindle version so you can see popular highlights and easily make notes to come back and re-read important parts later. If you only read one book in 2012, make it the 4 Hour Work Week.

Here’s my Review of the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

iBooks | Kindle

Do you ave any tips to help other readers keep their New Year’s Resolution to find a better job or make more money in 2012?

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  1. Sheila Scarborough

    01/01/2012 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks for the job-hunting resources; I’m not in the market for a 9-5 job, but do appreciate them. Thanks also for the link re: conference Twitter hashtags. :)

  2. iPhoneApp-Reviews

    01/11/2012 at 6:38 am

    iPhone apps are out there to help us all with our New Year’s Resolutions.

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    like and get paid. very easy

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