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Pokémon GO Gen 4 Evolutions: What Candy to Save Right Now



Although Niantic hasn’t announced the release date for Pokémon GO Gen 4, it’s never too early to start saving candy for when they arrive. Not to mention recent teasers suggest Gen 4 is coming before the end of the summer. Here’s what you need to know and which monsters are on their way.

This summer the community finally received trading, which was a long time coming. Before that, the game developers started doing community days where players can catch popular monsters and their shiny counterparts. Not to mention shiny Legendary Raids, MewTwo Ex Raids, and quests to obtain Mew.

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Now, it looks like Celebi is the next research quest, and Gen 4 is right around the corner. If you quit playing back in 2016 or 2017, now is a good time to pick it up again. If so, we’ll show all the Pokémon coming in Gen 4, the evolutions and babies you’ll want to prepare for.

Pokémon GO Gen 4 Release Teaser

As expected, the Pokémon GO gaming community is all over recent leaks and rumors. Fans all over Twitter speculate that each new generation arrives within 7-9 months of the previous one. August falls right into that timeline, given Gen 3 arrived last Halloween.

Thankfully, diehard Pokémon Go players on Reddit and popular sites like RankedBoost created these images for your viewing pleasure. We’ll start with new evolutions of existing monsters, then share an image of all the babies you can hatch from eggs.

Pokémon GO Gen 4 New Evolutions (Candy to Save)

Some popular monsters like Rhydon, Murkrow, Roselia, Electabuzz, and Eevee all get an evolution with Gen 4. We think the first two Gen 4 Pokémon that will be in the game are Leafeon and Glaceon during August’s Community Days. Then, we could see starters like Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup hit the map before the rest slowly get released by Niantic.

New Evolutions in Gen 4

  • Mamoswime from Piloswine – 100 Candy
  • Roserade from Roselia – 100 Candy
  • Mismagius from Misdreavus – 50 Candy
  • Honchkrow from Murkrow – 50 Candy
  • Weavile from Sneasel – 50 Candy
  • Magnezone from Magneton – 100 Candy
  • Lickilicky from Lickitung – 50 Candy
  • Rhyperior from Rhydon – 100 Candy
  • Tangrowth from Tangela – 50 Candy
  • Electivire from Electrabuzz – 100 Candy
  • Magmortar from Magmar – 100 Candy

  • Togekiss from Togetic – 100 Candy
  • Yanmega from Yanma – 50 Candy
  • Leafeon from Eevee – ??
  • Glaceon from Eevee – ??
  • Gliscor from Gligar – 50 Candy
  • Porygon-Z from Porygon2 – 100 Candy
  • Gallade from Kirlia – 100 Candy
  • Probopass from Nosepass – 50 Candy
  • Dusknior from Dusclops – 100 Candy
  • Froslass from Snorunt – 50 Candy

As you can see, some of these are extremely exciting. It’s worth noting that none of this is official yet, and some of this information is subject to change. We could see a few different monsters get released or left behind, and the price could vary too. That said, this information stems from earlier generations and the natural increase in candy cost within the game.

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Also, a lot of these evolutions require a Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone, Claws and other items before you’re able to complete the evolution. And while we could see a few new items added to Pokémon GO, we’ll likely use the items readily available already.

Pokémon GO Gen 4 Babies (Eggs)

Not all the monsters get evolutions. Instead, some get baby variants you’ll be able to find in the wild or hatch from eggs. This round we’re getting a baby Snorlax, and a few other fan-favorites. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Chingling (Chimecho Baby)
  • Bonsly (Sudowoodo Baby)
  • Mime Jr. (Mime Baby)
  • Happiny (Chansey Baby)
  • Munchlax (Snorlax Baby)
  • Mantyke (Mantine Baby)

From what we’re seeing Gen 4 only has around 107 monsters in it and will be closer to Gen 2 than anything else. At the same time, it has a lot more evolutions than Gen 2.

In closing, be prepared to save up over 1,100 candies to evolve around 20+ different Pokémon and round out your Pokédex as soon as generation 4 arrives. If you’re wondering what to evolve first, we recommend Rhyperior, Gallade, Leafeon, Mamoswine, and maybe even Electivire. If all the reports, teasers and rumors are right we’ll see Gen 4 sometime before the end of August. Stay tuned for more details.

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