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9 Gadgets Set to Top Holiday Wishlists: PS4, Xbox One, iPad 5 & iPhone 5S



Nexus 7 2

Nexus 7 2

The Nexus 7 2, a new Nexus tablet should come out this summer with a new version of Android on board, and if it is anything like last year's model it could be a hot holiday gift for 2013.

The Nexus 7 2 will likely sport an upgraded screen capable of showing 1080P content, with the same 7-inch screen size, and a faster processor on board to help deliver a smoother overall experience and better gaming performance. If it is a Snapdragon 600 processor as rumors claim users can also use the Battery Guru app to get better battery life.

We are already seeing price discounts on the Nexus 7 as the presumed Nexus 7 2 release date approaches.

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Shoppers will likely want to consider the Nexus 7 2 as a great budget holiday gift, with a starting price that should be around $200. Unlike many budget Android tablets, the Nexus 7 2 should deliver fast updates, good performance and good design. Many of the cheap Android tablets sold around Black Friday and during the holiday shopping season.

Expect a Nexus 7 2 for $199 with 16GB of storage and a cellular model starting at $299.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kermez

    07/11/2013 at 7:07 am

    “The total cost of the PS4 after the first two years is still pretty close to the Xbox One, even if it is $100 cheaper.”

    And online gaming is now free for xbox? Or you “forgot” to calculate it?

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