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3 Reasons Not to Buy the Apple Watch 4 & 5 Reasons You Should



The all new Apple Watch 4 features a bigger screen, all new features and several great reasons to buy the Apple Watch 4 right now. Before you pull out your wallet, make sure you check out these reasons to skip the Apple Watch 4 — at least right now.

Apple finally unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 4 alongside the new iPhone XS. It went on sale in September 2018, and it is hard to find in stock at many retailers because it is proving quite popular.  You can buy from Apple directly, from retailers like Best Buy, or B&H Photo and from carriers if you want the model with LTE.

The Apple Watch 4 now comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes with a biggers screen, epic new heart features, better battery life with GPS tracking and other important upgrades like the ability to take an ECG, which might just save your life.

Spending a few hundred bucks on the new Apple Watch isn’t a small commitment, especially when you factor in the cost of an LTE model which comes with a monthly charge to keep it connected. The Apple Watch 4 is $399 and $499 with GPS as starting prices.

You can walk into stores and buy the Apple Watch 4 but it is still hard to find in stock. There are some Apple Watch 4 deals, but if you wait longer you will see better deals.

This guide will help you decide if you want to buy the Apple Watch 4 today, or if it is a better idea to hold off and see how this first major change to the Apple Watch design handles in the real world.

Buy If You Find it In Stock or Don't Want to Wait

Buy If You Find it In Stock or Don't Want to Wait

If you skipped on the Apple Watch 4 pre-orders you may still be running into trouble finding one in stock. If you know that you want one and you've already picked out which Apple Watch to buy, grab one if you can find it in stock. 

It's still hard to find the Apple Watch 4 in stock, especially with the 44mm models in Space Gray or Silver. If you do find on in stock, snag it before it's sold out. 

Even if you don't find it in stock. If you know that you want an Apple Watch 4, just place the order and wait for it to arrive. You can always cancel the order if you find one in stock locally faster. 

The Apple Watch 4 is shipping in early November if you place an order in early October, so if you find one in stock, that's a pretty solid reason to buy it. 

Here's more on how to find the Apple Watch 4 in stock at a store near you. 

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