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6 Reasons Not To Buy the Xbox One S All Digital & 3 Reasons You Should



Wait for Xbox One S All Digital Deals

Wait for Xbox One S All Digital Deals
Xbox One S w/ Battlefield V for $199

The Xbox One S All Digital is currently more expensive than the Xbox One S deals, but that should change soon, perhaps as soon as June. 

The $249.99 Xbox One S All Digital price is expensive compared to the normal Xbox One S that you can get for as low as $199 right now. That's actually the price we expect to see the Xbox One S All Digital settle into very soon. 

Microsoft says, "the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is $50 USD less than Xbox One S, and we expect to maintain at least that price difference between the two consoles going forward."

Of course it is $50 less than the Xbox One S MSRP, but that price is something that starts to come down over time. We could see the Xbox One S All Digital drop to $199 this summer and possibly even deeper discounts this fall during Black Friday. 



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