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6 Reasons Not To Buy the Xbox One S All Digital & 3 Reasons You Should



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You Want More Power with the Xbox One X

You Want More Power with the Xbox One X

The Xbox One S All Digital still packs the same power as the Xbox One S. It's great for a lot of gamers, but if you want better looking graphics in high end games, you'll need to go with the Xbox One X. 

With it you get better graphics and you can game in 4K. On the Xbox One S and All Digital, you get up to 1080P gaming and HDR, and you can watch Netflix in 4K HDR, but you cannot game in 4K. 

Ultimately this comes down to how much power you want from your gaming console. If the entry level is enough for you then the One S All Digital is a good option, but if you want something with more power that will hold you over until the next Xbox then you should go with the Xbox One X. 

The Xbox One X is $399 to $449 depending on the model and the bundle. You can buy it at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Microsoft.

9 / 9


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