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6 Reasons Not To Buy the Xbox One S All Digital & 3 Reasons You Should



You Need a 4K Blu-Ray Player

The Xbox One S with a disc drive comes with a 4K Blu-Ray player. Normally you'd spend at least $100 to get an entry level 4K Blu-Ray player. With the Xbox One S, you get one included. 

This was the reason I upgraded to the Xbox One S originally. It's an affordable way to watch 4K Blu-Ray movies on disk, and a great option if you like getting movies on a disk instead of just buying them digitally. 

Grab the model with a disc drive if you plan to put this into a home entertainment setup where physical movies are going to play an integral role. Keep in mind it can be cheaper to buy physical movies or even TV seasons than to buy them digitally. 



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