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6 Reasons Not to Install the macOS Big Sur Beta and 5 Reasons To



You can install the macOS Big Sur beta today, and it may be tempting to jump in and install this new software right now so that you can try out all the new features. There are some good reasons to install the macOS Big Sur beta, but there are also very important reasons not to install the beta yet.

At this very early stage with the first Developer macOS Big Sur beta out and no public beta, there are arguably more reasons not to install the macOS Big Sur beta yet. For other users, and especially if you install to a partition or a secondary mac, there are good reasons to proceed.

Apple announced the macOS Big Sur beta on June 22nd and it is available for a wide range of Apple computers. If you have a developer account or are willing to download the right files, you can install it on almost any Mac that ran macOS Catalina. There is also a public macOS Catalina beta coming this summer that will offer a little more polish and that is free to sign up for.


macOS Big Sur Beta: Should You Install?

Should you install the macOS Big Sur beta?

The new macOS Big Sur features are a big part of why you should install the Big Sur beta today, but keep in mind that not every new feature is available on day one.

This is not final software, and in fact, it’s not even close to final software. This is an early beta aimed at developers. There are bound to be problems, bugs and some features just won’t work right.

Here are the reasons you should install the macOS Big Sur beta right now;

  1. Install to Try New macOS Big Sur Features
  2. Install the Beta to Make Big Sur Better
  3. Install if you Work in IT
  4. Install to use the New UI
  5. Install if you have macOS Catalina Problems

If you check off most of those boxes and you have a plan for using the macOS Big Sur beta, then you are in a good place. Especially if this isn’t your first beta experience. For many users, it is better to wait a few weeks. Here is a look at the reasons you shouldn’t install the macOS Big Sur beta yet.

  1. Don’t Install if You Aren’t Prepared
  2. Don’t Install if You Don’t Have a Spare Mac or a Plan
  3. Don’t Install if You can’t Handle Problems
  4. Don’t Install if You Need Specific Apps
  5. Don’t Install if You Are Working From Home
  6. Don’t Install if You Can’t Handle Music Issues

Here’s a closer look at each of these reasons so that you can decide if now is the right time for you to install the macOS Big Sur beta on your Mac or if you should wait.

Install to Try New macOS Big Sur Features

Install to Try New macOS Big Sur Features

The new macOS Big Sur update brings in a collection of new features including the biggest Safari update, upgrades to Messages, Maps, Privacy, and much more. 

This is a major collection of upgrades and some of these are in the beta. If you want to test these new features out, then you should install the beta and test these out. 

If you are on the iOS 14 beta, you may see better usage of these features like Messages and Maps during the beta. 

We'll be updating this with new features as we find them and adding reasons to try the macOS Big Sur beta. 

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