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6 Reasons Not to Install the macOS Big Sur Beta and 5 Reasons To



Install the Beta to Make Big Sur Better

Install the Beta to Make Big Sur Better

Do you want to help make the macOS Big Sur update better for everyone? You can do this by installing the beta now and using your Mac over the next few weeks and months. When you run into problems, bugs, or issues, report them to Apple. 

This will help make sure that the overall macOS 11 release is better this fall. It also means that your specific issues may be fixed on day one or even in future betas. 

When you are part of the macOS Big Sur developer beta or public beta, you can send reports to Apple and tell them about the issues you are having. Every report helps make the new macOS update better for everyone. 

Don't just install the beta to try new features early, tell Apple what they need to fix and you'll make this better for everyone. 

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