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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 5 Beta & 3 Reasons To



Don't Install If You Aren't Ok With Problems

Don't Install If You Aren't Ok With Problems

There will be many watchOS 5 beta problems during the next several months. If you aren't OK with troubleshooting these, finding your apps don't work as expected and dealing with other issues, you shouldn't proceed. 

Apple pulled the watchOS 5 beta 1 from the developer portal due to, "an issue that occurs while updating." Apple did not offer any additional information, but suggests uses with problems contact AppleCare. 

We also expect to see apps that don't work right on watchOS 5 betas. Developers use this time to test new versions that may not arrive until the fall, which could leave you without your favorite apps. 

You can also count on bad watchOS 5 beta battery life while the beta process starts. This may leave you looking for a charger more than at night. 

In short, there will be problems, and if you like your smartwatch to function as close to perfect as possible, you shouldn't install the developer beta on your main watch. 

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