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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 5 Beta & 3 Reasons To



Don't Install for New watchOS 5 Features Yet

The first watchOS 5 beta is out and you can install it on your Apple Watch, but you won't find many of the exciting new features available yet. This is a developer beta aimed at allowing the people who make your apps to upgrade them to work on the Apple Watch. 

So far there is no Walkie Talkie app, Siri isn't working without the keyword for some users and the Podcasts app isn't installed for others. In short, this beta is in very early access mode, so you won't be able to test everything out yet. 

If you wait for another few beta releases, this will likely change, allowing you to try out more of the watchOS 5 features, but for now if you just want to try out new apps and options, skip the beta. 

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