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4 Reasons Not to Install watchOS 6.2.8 & 10 Reasons You Should



Don't Install if You Want to Jailbreak

Don't Install if You Want to Jailbreak

Do you want to jailbreak your iPhone? If so, you shouldn't install the watchOS 6.2.8 update on your watch. That's because you need to install the iOS 13.5.1 or iOS 13.6 update on your iPhone in order to install the new watchOS update. 

The official changelog of iOS 13.5.1 is that the update includes important security updates. The Apple security page does not yet list these changes, but the odds are very good that this change is mainly to get users off the iOS 13.5 update that is jailbroken. 

Jailbreaking allows users to run software not approved by Apple, and to change the look of the iPhone. Some users will love this. If you are interested in jailbreaking, stay on iOS 13.5. This means you cannot install watchOS 6.2.6, so the decision is made for you.   

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