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5 Reasons to Buy AirPods Pro & 3 Reasons Not To



Should you buy AirPods Pro in 2020? The noise-canceling AirPods with upgraded sound and better fit are very popular. After using them for several months, we want to help you decide if they are worth buying today.

Apple still sells the AirPods 2 with or without a wireless charging case. These new models are designed for users that want a more feature-filled wireless earbud experience and are willing to pay a premium.

With the AirPods Pro, you may be able to leave your big over the ear noise-canceling headphones at home and just go with earbuds on your next flight. The new AirPods Pro also includes an adaptive EQ that adjusts to the shape of your ear for better sound and even lets you know if your AirPods aren’t the right fit so that you can use one of the other tips.

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I’ve been using AirPods Pro since late 2019 and they are the wireless earbuds I reach for every day for general use, even with multiple options available. The sound quality is very good, the noise-canceling feature makes it easier to focus when there is background noise. They are certainly worth the price, and it’s especially worth it when you can find a good deal.¬†Here are the reasons you should buy AirPods Pro now;

  1. Buy AirPods Pro for Better Sound
  2. Buy AirPods Pro for Noise Cancelling
  3. Buy for Sweat and Water Resistance
  4. Buy for Transparency Mode
  5. Buy for a New Design and Fit

And on the other hand, here are the reasons you should wait. Unless you know that you definitely want these asap, you should consider holding off for a week or two.

  1. Wait for New AirPods Pro
  2. Don’t Buy If You’re Just Looking for Basic AirPods
  3. Wait for Deals

Keep reading to learn more about each of these reasons. AirPods Pro are available at Apple right now with free engraving and at B&H Photo. Expect to see Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers offer them soon.

Buy AirPods Pro for Better Sound

Buy AirPods Pro for Better Sound

Do you like AirPods, but wish for better sound? The AirPods Pro promises to deliver better sound thanks to an Adaptive EQ. Apple says that this tunes the low and mid-frequencies to the shape of your specific ear. 

This is likely using the same algorithms that the AirPods use to check the fit of the tips to match the sound quality to your ear. This pairs up with a custom amplifier that Apple says will deliver better battery sound, better battery life and removes some background noise. The AirPods Pro driver is capable of delivering bass down to 20Hz. 

After using the AirPods gen 2 and the AirPods Pro side-by-side, I think the AirPods Pro offer better sound. The silicone tips create a better seal so in addition to the noise-canceling, the bass is better without being too much. 

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