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4 Reasons to Buy Madden 18 & 2 Reasons to Wait for Madden 19



The Madden 19 release date is months away, and if you want to play football on your Xbox One or PS4, you’ll need to buy Madden 18 or subscribe to EA Access on the Xbox One. We’ll help you decide if you should buy Madden 18 or wait for Madden 19 to get your football fix for 2018.

Madden 18 arrived in August 2017 and we expect the Madden 19 release date in August 2018 on Xbox One and PS4, with a small chance that it will come to the Nintendo Switch.

With Madden 18 you get a full featured game with the new Longshot Story Mode, an updated Ultimate Team mode that is much easier to play for longer periods and a host of other in-game upgrades. Madden 18 is Xbox One X enhanced, so you will see even better graphics without waiting for Madden 19 to arrive.

Here are the reasons you should buy Madden 18 now and the reasons you should wait for Madden 19 to play. If you decide to wait, check out our Madden 19 wishlist to see what we want EA to add this year.

Buy Madden 18 To Play Now

Buy Madden 18 To Play Now
$29.99 from Amazon

If you skipped Madden 18 when it first came out and you're in the mood to play a football game, skip Madden 17 and pick up Madden 18 right now so you can play the Longshot Story mode and enjoy Madden Ultimate Team. 

The new price for Madden 18 is $39.99 but you can find it cheaper with some deals that come and go, or with Best Buy Gamer's Club Unlocked which cuts the price to $31.99. There are also sales on the PSN Store and the Xbox Store if you want to save on a digital copy. 

Madden 18 is still a great game and updates to the game have only made it better. Yes, there are some things we want EA to improve for Madden 19, but that doesn't mean Madden 18 is bad. 

Look for pre-owned copies of Madden 18 for around $25 and for digital code coupons for about that same price. 

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