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2 Reasons to Pre-Order Madden 21 & 4 Reasons Not To



The Madden 21 release date is set for August and you can pre-order Madden 21 at most retailers already. Some buyers may want to lock in their copy of Madden today, but for many buyers, there are good reasons to wait until later this year to reserve a copy of Madden 21.

EA already shared a lot of Madden 21 details and we know about the three Madden 21 editions. Madden 21 is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC at launch and will arrive on the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year as a free upgrade if you buy it on the same console family.

Madden 21 is $59.99 to $99.99 and we’re seeing some deals on the digital versions if you have EA Access or Origin Access. The initial release date is August 25th, with the full release date on August 28th.

You can pre-order Madden 21 at GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and digitally on PlayStation and Xbox as well as Origin and Steam. You can pre-order today, and if you change your mind later, cancel your pre-order as long as it is before the release date.

Madden NFL 21 MVP Edition - Xbox One
  • Madden Ultimate Team: Pull up for a brand-new season of fresh and fun Ultimate Team content and competitive team building. Earn MUT coins via Ultimate Team Challenges and finesse your depth chart via strategic decisions.
  • Franchise: Play through a full NFL career and leave your legacy as a player, coach or owner with single-player and multiplayer online-connected leagues.
  • New Ball-Carrier Special Moves (Skill Stick): Ball Carrier evasive moves are now all on the Right Stick, offering more control to link moves together pulling off highlight-reel combo moves.
  • Exhibition: Compete in head-to-head online and offline games (single and multi-player) or single player offline against the CPU.  Customize your game settings including time of quarters, rules, stadiums, and uniforms.
  • New User-Friendly Pass Rush Mechanics: Feel full control and responsiveness while performing specific pass rush moves. Choose the move you want via a directional stick input with full control to branch to a combo move at any time.

There are some great reasons to pre-order Madden 21 right now, including if you know which edition you want and you can’t wait to play. However, there are also some excellent reasons not to pre-order Madden 21 right now. For example, you may want to wait for the Madden 21 trial in August, for more information about the game or even wait for bigger deals and reviews.

This guide will help you decide if you should pre-order Madden 21, or if you should wait with a look at the reasons on both sides of this decision.

Pre-Order for Madden 21 Bonuses

Pre-Order for Madden 21 Bonuses

When you pre-order Madden 21 you get some bonus items. There are a number of bonuses that you get when you buy the game which changes based on the edition, but there are a few time-based bonuses as well. 

If you pre-order Madden 21 at GameStop or Best Buy, you can collect some bonus items. Best Buy offers a physical bonus and GameStop offers a digital bonus. 

At GameStop if you pre-order Madden 21 you get a Tony Romo Elite player for Madden Ultimate Team. This is a pre-order item while supplies last. We don't expect that it will low, but if you buy it on the day of or day after release, you may not get it. If you pre-order at GameStop, you can also get Madden 20 for $14.99. 

Best Buy includes a Lamar Jackson Funko Pop figurine when you pre-order any of the Madden 21 editions. This is a cool bonus if you like physical collectibles and it's a $9.99 value.  

We'll update this listing if we find any other Madden 21 pre-order bonuses. You can get the Fantasy Packs and other edition bonuses whenever you buy the games. 

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