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6 Reasons to Try the Android P Beta & 4 Reasons Not to



Install Android P to Help Improve Android

Install Android P to Help Improve Android

Each Android developer preview helps Google improve the software before the release date. However, that's more apparent than ever before with this release. 

Developers install it to test their apps and ensure a great experience for all users, but regular users can contribute too. From bug reports to gathering stats and information or letting owners share feedback about the experience. This is an option in the settings menu on Android P. 

As you see in our screenshot, you should see an area to submit feedback. This is nothing new, but if all those other 11 devices have it too, Google can improve the software and squash bugs faster than ever before. Basically, this will help Android P arrive earlier, be better, and come to more devices as soon as humanly possible.

The goal is to have an excellent experience ready to go when Android P is released around the globe. Which, by the way, isn't until sometime in August. The time is almost here. We're on the final API's so developers can get ready with their apps and more. Basically, this is the last phase of the Android P release.

So download Android P, submit feedback when needed, and help make Android P better for when it's officially available next month. 

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