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6 Reasons to Try the Android P Beta & 4 Reasons Not to



P is for Problems

P is for Problems

P is for Popsicle or Pancake, or some fancy dessert-themed name Google will come up with sometime in August or September. 

However, P also stands for problems. Don't install the Android P beta if you can't deal with these problems. It's as simple as that.

While we don't think it'll be full of problems, there is a lot that can potentially go wrong. If you aren't in a position to deal with bugs and problems, or at least search on forums and look for fixes, don't download it. Only try it to see what's new or for testing purposes if you are a developer.

Again, we recommend doing so on a spare device or skipping the Android P beta completely if you aren't ready to deal with the results. We advise users to read the Android P release notes. It goes over all the current problems and issues that could arise. Giving you an idea of if it's worth trying yet or not. This is especially true for devices that aren't a Pixel. 

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