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6 Reasons to Try the Android P Beta & 4 Reasons Not to



Don't Install P Unless You're Ready

Don't Install P Unless You're Ready

If you have a Pixel or Pixel 2 you're probably already on the Android P preview, and that's fine. However, everyone else that wasn't expecting a chance to try it earlier likely aren't prepared to actually try it. Basically, do your homework before jumping in head-first.

We mean if you're not ready to install new software, don't do it. You probably want to install the Android P (beta 4) update immediately. However, most of you will benefit from waiting a few weeks, or at least a month. Wait for other Essential or Oppo users try it first, and report how the entire process went. And while the beta program makes this extremely easy, and fool-proof, the beta program is only for the Pixel. 

That said, we are on the 5th release and almost everything should be fine by now. We're a little more confident in recommending it to users but still use some caution. 

If you aren't prepared for Android P don't install the Preview. It's as simple as that. The process won't erase your device if you join the beta, but problems can and will emerge. Especially those without a Pixel phone. You do have to erase your phone. Just know that before you start.

We've put together a game plan that will take you through the steps we take before we install Android software on our phones and tablets. You don't need to follow every single step but at the very least you'll want to make sure all of your important files are properly backed up before you make the move to any new software version. It's an older guide, but the same rules apply to Android P.

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