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4 Reasons to Pre-Order MLB The Show 18 & 3 Reasons to Wait



MLB The Show 18 pre-orders have finally arrived ahead of its March 27th release date. However, don’t buy the game just yet. There are some great reasons to pre-order MLB The Show 18 for your PS4 and PS4 Pro and some solid reasons to wait.

Buying the game early does unlock a lot. It’s the only way to get access to the game during the First Pitch Weekend early release. It’s also the only way you stand a good chance of getting the $99 All-Rise Edition before it sells out. Buying early also gets you in-game items.

But, unfinished games are always dangerous. MLB The Show 18 has a single player and multiplayer experience. Single player games usually work fine at release, but big issues can crop up with multiplayer. When that happens, it’s up to Sony to rush out a fix and that can take days.

Also, Sony plans to talk about new features twice a week until release. That means that if you buy today, you don’t have a full picture of what you’re getting. You don’t want to spend $59.99 or more on a new game now, only to realize it’s missing something you hoped it would have at launch. You can’t return a game disc once it’s opened.

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Here are 4 reasons to pre-order MLB The Show 18 today and 3 reasons to wait. Use these reasons to decide if buying the game today is right for you.

Reasons to Pre-Order MLB The Show 18 & Reasons to Wait

  • Pre-Order for Access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch
  • Pre-Order for MVP Edition & All Rise Edition
  • Pre-Order for Extra Stubs & Items on Release Day
  • Pre-Order for Early Savings
  • Don’t Pre-Order If You’re Worried About Bugs
  • Don’t Pre-Order If You’re Waiting for Specific Features
  • Don’t Pre-Order for the Best MLB The Show 18 Deals

Pre-Order for Access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch

Pre-Order for Access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch

Early release is a big reason to pre-order MLB The Show 18 right now. Buying now gets you access to MLB The Show 18 First Pitch Weekend.

Think of First Pitch Weekend as a release window just for hardcore fans. Purchase early and get the game on March 23rd. It doesn’t matter how you pre-order. Physical and digital copies of the game qualify if you buy them from Walmart, Best Buy, Target or GameStop.

As the official release date isn’t until March 27th that’s four extra days for you to piece together your team. That’s also four extra days to get comfortable with the new animations and gameplay changes in multiplayer.

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