10 Reasons to Upgrade to iPhone SE from iPhone 5s or iPhone 5

If you own an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s this year might be the year to upgrade. And while you have a ton of options on the table, many iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 users should consider upgrading to the iPhone SE, Apple’s current 4-inch flagship.

Despite rumors of an imminent successor, Apple continues to sell the iPhone SE, a device it originally announced back in March, 2016.

The iPhone SE is getting older, but it continues to hold up nicely as we push deeper into 2018 toward a rumored iPhone SE 2 release. The same can’t be said about the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 look like the iPhone SE, but don’t let that fool you. The iPhone SE is a far superior phone with a much brighter future.

The main differences are the processors that power the three devices, the cameras, and a few of the design elements including security and color options.

There are also some subtle differences between the three that Apple doesn’t mention on its website. For example, the iPhone 5 definitely won’t and the iPhone 5s probably won’t get the next batch of emoji characters for the iOS keyboard.

In this guide we want to take iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 users through some reasons to consider making the iPhone SE your next device.

Better Software Support

Better Software Support

If you're using an iPhone 5 you're stuck on iOS 10. You didn't get iOS 11 and you won't get Apple's upcoming iOS 11.3 update

If you're using an iPhone 5s, iOS 11.3 could be your last major update. The iPhone 5s is on its last legs and we don't expect Apple to extend iOS 12 to the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5 most definitely won't get iOS 12

That potentially means no more bug fixes, no more security updates to protect your device, and no more features. iOS 12 looks like it'll come with some performance improvements and brand new emoji characters for the iOS keyboard. 

The list of new emojis includes super heroes, a flying disc, a mosquito, a moon cake, a bagel, a raccoon, a llama, and a hippopotamus.

It's the lack of bug fixes and security patches that should have owners of older iPhones worried. Some problems aren't easily solved and Apple's iPhones aren't immune to hacks and exploits

You can solve this problem by upgrading to the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is about to turn two years old which means it should have at least two years of software support left. It will most certainly get iOS 12 and it should get iOS 13 next year as well.

If you aren't thrilled with the size of the iPhone X and iPhone 8, the iPhone SE is an excellent alternative. You'll be able to get two plus years out of it if you buy it this year. 

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