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5 Reasons to Wait for Moto E5 & 2 Reasons Not to



Wait for the Better Cameras

Wait for the Better Cameras

You can get a Moto G5, the Huawei Honor 6X, and many other excellent phones for around $200. However, most of those are over a year old and have poor camera experiences. 

And while we can't say the Moto E5 will have the best camera ever, because it won't, it will be better than older devices. When you buy a budget smartphone the screen and camera are usually two weak spots.

With the Moto E5 Plus, you'll get a decent 12MP camera on the back that takes great photos and videos. a 12MP f/2.0 aperture lens, actually. Not to mention you'll get an 8MP front-facing camera for selfies or Snapchat videos. Keep in mind that the more affordable Moto E5 Play has a lower-end camera, but it's still decent for the price. And while these budget phones and dual cameras can't compete with the Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, you'll get something better than the 2017 competition.

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