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6 Reasons to Wait for the Huawei P30 & 4 Reasons Not to



Don't Wait If You Can't Afford It

Don't Wait If You Can't Afford It

Huawei's latest flagship phones are pretty expensive. Just look at the triple camera-packing Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It's over $1,000 almost everywhere, and in some regions, it's way more money. 

And while we're expecting the P30 to have a few cost-saving features when compared to the P30 Pro, they'll both still be expensive phones. If you can't afford at least $900 or you're already pushing the budget, don't wait for these phones. 

If Huawei packs in 3-4 cameras, more RAM, bigger screens and cuts holes in those screens for the front-facing cameras, and maybe even 5G, these will be very expensive devices. Don't be surprised in the P30 Pro ends up over $1,100. 

Samsung's Galaxy S10+ is only $999 in the United States, so we could see a similar starting price for the P30 Pro. 

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