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5 Reasons to Wait for the LG V50 & 3 Reasons Not to



Wait for ToF, 3D, Sound on OLED, Gestures & More

Wait for ToF, 3D, Sound on OLED, Gestures & More

This next slide could technology go into the "software" section, but it's so more than just software. 

While the LG V50 might not look like a next-gen phone that can match the bezel-free Galaxy S10, the company is adding some world-class new technology that some people might want to wait for. 

We're talking about a new ToF camera array on the front for true FaceID security. Rumors state those cameras will also have some neat new 3D features. Then, LG confirmed upcoming phones could use those same sensors for some unique "touch-free" controls. 

Plus, we know the company will deliver the best sound of any phone -- they always do. While the V50 will still have a Quad-DAC and the boomsound bottom-firing speaker, the company will also use a new Crystal Sound on Display technology. This will use the entire screen as one giant speaker, in addition to the bass woofer on the bottom. LG always turns the volume to 11, and they'll do it again this year. 

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