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5 Reasons to Wait for the LG V50 & 3 Reasons Not to



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Don't Wait If You Find Something You Love

Don't Wait If You Find Something You Love

And finally, for now, don't wait for the LG V50 ThinQ if you find something great that you love right now. Or even in the next few months. 

There are several amazing phones available now, coming next week, or launching in the coming weeks and months of 2019. The LG V50 won't be the only phone with 3 cameras on the back, great sound, or a big screen. 

Heck, every high-end phone in 2019 will likely offer those while delivering a bigger or better screen with smaller bezels. The Galaxy S10 has a bigger 6.1-inch screen this year, no notch and three cameras on the back. It'll be available come March 8th. So, if you love what you see, don't wait for LG's phone. 

And while we're expecting great things from the new LG V50 we just don't have enough information yet to comfortably tell buyers to wait for it. Well, unless you're a huge LG fan and you still have an old LG V20. 

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