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7 Exciting Samsung Galaxy Android 5.1 Update Details



Global Galaxy Android 5.1 Release

Global Galaxy Android 5.1 Release

In addition to Rogers, it looks like US carriers are gearing up for a Galaxy Android 5.1.1 release. A recent leak from T-Mobile all but confirms an update for its Galaxy S6 Edge. And if T-Mobile is working on an update, you know the other US carriers are as well. 

If Rogers and T-Mobile are working on the update, then you know there are some other international carriers in the Android 5.1 pipeline. We'll almost certainly see Samsung push it to its unbranded devices as well. 

The exciting thing is that this update, and its features, probably won't be limited to just a few Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models. Will the roll out take time? Absolutely. But it's still nice to know that it should become available for most people. 

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