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Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10+: Which One to Buy?



Whether you’re considering getting a Galaxy S10 during the holidays or just need a new phone, this Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10 Plus comparison we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Samsung’s fancy phones. In previous years, the larger version gained more attention and had extra features. This year, both phones have plenty to love and mostly the same specs, making the choice more of a personal preference.

If you’re on the fence about which one to buy, or are trying to decide between the two for someone else, we’re here to help. This guide will tell you what’s new from previous years, what changed, and what’s different between the two phones aside from just the screen size. That way you know exactly what to get when you head to the store.

What’s the Same?

Unlike previous years, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are almost exactly the same. They both have triple cameras on the rear, but there are some important differences we’ll talk about in a moment.

As expected, the design is almost the exact same as they’ve never changed that between sizes. Both phones have an identical overall look and feel, although the bigger model has an extra camera on the front. There is a ceramic version of the Galaxy S10+ but it’s really expensive.

  • Same Design, same colors, same powerful rear cameras

Basically, neither phone has specific features the other doesn’t, nor special colors. It’s the same amazing experience if you get the smaller Galaxy S10 or the bigger Galaxy S10+.

Both models have the same 12, 12 and 16MP triple rear camera setup capable of amazing photos and video. You don’t have to buy the bigger device to get the best camera experience. Well, unless you like taking selfies.

Of course, the Galaxy S10+ has a bigger screen size, but they’re both curved Quad-HD screens with the same resolution. This does mean the smaller Galaxy S10 screen with the same 3040 x 1440 resolution could look a little more on the crisp side, and be “better” you’ll never notice the difference in pixel density. They both look great and both offer one of the best smartphone displays in the industry. They’re only 60 Hz though, compared to 90Hz on the Pixel 4 or OnePlus 7T.

What’s Different?

The differences you’ll want to pay attention to are the bigger screen and an extra front camera on the Galaxy S10Plus, not to mention the bigger battery. That last one is really important, too.

  • Galaxy S10+ has a bigger screen, longer battery life, and two front-facing cameras

This year the Galaxy S10 is almost the same size as the Galaxy S9+ from 2018 and offers a 6.1-inch display. If you choose the bigger Galaxy S10+ you’re getting a Note-sized 6.4-inch screen instead. If you’re not used to a large screen, it might be more difficult to operate and use, especially one-handed. It’s a big phone.

The Galaxy S10+ is a little taller, wider and heavier than the regular S10. However, that bigger screen fits in the exact same package as the Galaxy S9+, as the phone isn’t physically bigger, the screen just uses the entire front body of the frame more efficiently. So if you enjoyed the S8+ or S9+ in previous years, you’ll feel right at home with the Galaxy S10+.

However, to go along with the bigger screen you’re also getting a bigger battery, which is extremely important. In fact, the Galaxy S10+ has the biggest battery we’ve seen in any Galaxy S phone, and it gets amazing battery life.

With the Galaxy S10, you’re getting a pretty good size 3,400 mAh battery, while the Galaxy S10 Plus comes equipped with a 4,100 mAh battery. That’s bigger than the 4k pack in the Galaxy Note 9 and should easily last you all day. In fact, we’ve been getting around 7-10 hours of “screen-on time” with the S10+ which is incredible.

Perhaps the most noticeable visual difference, aside from the bigger screen, is the dual camera cutout in the screen on the Galaxy S10+. This year Samsung finally upgraded the front-facing selfie camera to 10-megapixels, which is great. And if you choose the Galaxy S10+ you’re getting a regular 10MP front camera and a secondary depth-sensing 8MP camera for improved photos, portrait mode, and other neat features. This also means the cutout and hole in the screen (for the camera) is bigger and more noticeable on the S10 Plus.

You can also pay a little more to get the S10 Plus with optional upgrades that include 12GB of RAM, 1TB of storage and Ceramic on the back instead of glass. It’s expensive but far more durable.

Galaxy S10 vs S10+ Pricing?

Perhaps just as important as screen sizes and the battery is how much these phones cost. As expected, they’re expensive.

  • Galaxy S10 – $899
  • Galaxy S10 Plus – $999 (or more)

However, now that the Galaxy S10 is almost a year old you can find good deals just about everywhere. Like this $549 Galaxy S10 on Black Friday.

Which Galaxy S10 Should You Buy?

Most people will likely opt for the Galaxy S10, simply because it’s more affordable. Plus, with the bigger screen in nearly the same size and package as before, it’s a great all-around choice.

If you’re not sure if you can handle a huge phone just go with the Galaxy S10. It can do everything the bigger phone can and is still a great device.

That said, choosing the Galaxy S10+ over the smaller variant does give you a bigger and better experience, opens up the option for more storage and better build materials, and you’ll get longer battery life. Battery life is very important if you ask me, so I recommend you get the Plus model.

Basically, if you want the bigger screen for gaming and movies, need the best battery life as possible, love taking selfies, or just want one of the biggest, fastest and best phones Samsung makes you’ll want the Galaxy S10+. And considering the Galaxy S10+ is only $100 more and you’ll be making monthly payments anyways, it’s worth the small increase in price to get everything mentioned above. Click here to buy one today.

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