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Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 10 Release Date Tips



Decide If Manually Installing Android 10 is Worth It

Decide If Manually Installing Android 10 is Worth It

If you're starting to feel impatient, you might opt to install an unofficial version of Android 1o on your phone. 

Like any software update, ROMs come with their own set of problems. And often times, the problems are far more annoying than bugs on board official software. 

Common issues include missing features, app compatibility problems, performance issues including severe battery drain, crashes, boot loops, and of course there's always the potential for a ROM to brick your phone. 

Developers will refine ROMs over time, but many of them do this for free in their spare time so updates/bug fixes can be infrequent and support sometimes lags. 

So while you might be tempted to install an unofficial version, don't rush into anything. Dig into feedback, compare your options, and ask questions if you need to. 

A lot of Galaxy S8 users will want to stay put on Android Pie. 

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