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Tesla Model 3 0-60, Range, Options and Storage Space Detailed



The Tesla Model 3 range, 0-60 time, storage space and other key Model 3 specs arrive via a Model S vs Model 3 comparison of talking points designed to help buyers understand the new Tesla.

Tesla’s numbers outline a Model 3 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds, which is faster than the Chevy Bolt and slower than the Model S. The latest Tesla Model 3 range information is at 215+ miles, coming in short of the Chevy Bolt range of 238+ miles.

New Tesla Model 3 specs include the 0-60 time, range and cargo room.

New Tesla Model 3 specs include the 0-60 time, range and cargo room.

Thanks to these new Tesla Model 3 details we also know how long the car is, and how much storage space, or cargo space, is in the Model 3. The combined front and rear trunk cargo space is 14 cubic ft in the Model 3. Once again this comes up short in comparison to the Chevy Bolt, which offers a relatively spacious 16.9 cubic ft of cargo space and can deliver up to 56.6 cubic ft. of storage with the seats down. Additional info is available on the

Additional info is available on the Model 3 Owners Club. Members there outline the potential for seven paint options, two wheel options, two battery options, rear wheel drive only and three interior options. This is based on the less than 100 configurations found on the information sent to sales people.

Last year sources stated that the Model 3 seats fold flat, and in early 2016 Musk stated that the Model 3 trunk design is updated with a larger opening and stated that there is room for a bike. This suggests that the rear seats in the Model 3 fold flat, potentially adding more storage.

The Tesla Model 3 testing continues on roads in California as Tesla works through a release candidate phase to identify fixes and potential issues. Tesla Model 3 production should start in July 2017, but it will be up to a year before many buyers get a Model 3 delivery. If you place a Tesla Model 3 reservation today, expect a delivery in Mid 2018 at the best case.

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