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Top 7 Apple Products for 2014: iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 & More



There is no rush for new Apple Products in 2014, but rumors point to a big year with the iPhone 6, a new iPad Air, a new MacBook Air and much more from Apple. There is also hope for a new iPod touch 6th generation, a Mac Mini, Apple TV and an iWatch.

So far the number of new Apple Products in 2014 is a stunning zero. Yes, Apple brought back the iPad 4 and retired the iPad 2 and is now selling an iPhone 4 in some countries, but overall there are no new Apple products for this year. Apple just reported double digit drops in sales across the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod lines compared to last quarter, and while iPhone and Mac sales are up compared to a year ago consumers are anxious for new hardware.

Tim Cook promised “big plans” for Apple products in 2014, telling employees in a memo that the company is working on products that, “Customers are going to love.”

Customers are still waiting to see these new products that they can love, and in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Tim Cook explains why we can’t buy a new Apple TV, iPod touch 6th generation or Mac Mini just yet.

“You want to take the time to get it right. Our objective has never been to be first. It’s to be the best. To do things really well, it takes time. You can see a lot of products that have been brought to market where the thinking isn’t really deep and, as a consequence, these things don’t do very well. We don’t do very many things so we spend a lot of time on every detail and that part of Apple isn’t changing. It’s the way we’ve operated for years and it’s the way we still operate. I feel great about what we’ve got coming. Really great and it’s closer than it’s ever been.”

This is a company statement we’ve heard from Tim Cook over and over, and for the most part it is representative of how Apple releases new products. The iPhone was not the first phone, the iPod was not the first MP3 player and the MacBook Air was not the first thin and light computer. Despite arriving late, these Apple products quickly became the standard that other products in these categories are compared to.

In 2014 we expect a collection of new Apple hardware that will arrive throughout the year, possible starting as soon as June. For new product categories and long overdue Apple product updates the wait could be much longer.

Here are the top 7 Apple products we expect to see in 2014, the rumors about the devices and when the release dates might arrive.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Teresa Brown

    07/29/2014 at 8:14 pm

    I’m really looking to get the ipod 6th its been a long. Time coming.

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