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Uber Delivers Free Madden 16 Ahead of Release Date



The Madden 16 release date arrives at midnight and if you want a free copy of Madden 16 and you live in a city with Uber you need to keep reading to find out how you can play early and how you can get Uber to deliver you a free copy of Madden 16 right now.

Madden 16 arrives on store shelves at 12:01 AM August 25th, that’s tomorrow or late tonight depending on how late you plan to stay up.

EA Sports and Uber teamed up in cities with NFL teams to deliver NHL 16 early so you can start playing without waiting.

Here’s how you can get your free copy of Madden 16 and start playing before the Madden 16 release date.

Get a free Madden 16 copy from Uber.

Get a free Madden 16 copy from Uber.

[contextly_sidebar id=”8M1Bg39MJZjAos6A77FhKb5T6mweZ5M7″]You need to download the Uber app on iPhone or Android and log in with your account. You don’t need a new account for this, just use the one you always use for Uber.

To unlock the free Madden 16 offer you need to enter the promo code for your city in the app. This will allow you to see the special view for a Madden 16 Uber driver who will be cruising the streets to deliver free copies of Madden 16 all day.

You need to request the Madden NFL option in the app and hope that the special Madden 16 Uber car is avaialble. Uber warns, “Demand for “Madden NFL” will be VERY HIGH and availability is limited” and that not all requests will be filled.

Here are the Uber Madden 16 codes you need to unlock this free offer that comes from Uber, EA and the NFL Player’s Association.

Baltimore – MADDENBAL Minnesota – MADDENMSP
Buffalo – MADDENBUF New Orleans – MADDENNOLA
Charlotte – MADDENCLT New York – MADDENNYC
Cincinnati – MADDENCINCY Philadelphia – MADDENPHL
Cleveland – MADDENCLE Phoenix – MADDENAZ
Dallas – MADDENDAL Pittsburgh – MADDENPGH
Denver – MADDENCO Saint Louis – MADDENSTL
Detroit – MADDENDET San Diego – MADDENSD
Green Bay – MADDENGB San Francisco – MADDENSF
Indianapolis – MADDENIND Tampa Bay – MADDENTPA
Jacksonville – MADDENJAX Washington D.C. – MADDENDC
Kansas City – MADDENKC

You’ll need to use that code to unlock the Madden 16 Uber car and then make sure you select the Madden 16 Uber deliver option or you will end up with a normal Uber ride and you can’t buy Madden 16 until midnight eastern.

Choose the Madden NFL option in Uber to get delivery ahead of the Madden 16 release date.

Choose the Madden NFL option in Uber to get delivery ahead of the Madden 16 release date.

If Uber does not bring you a free copy of Madden 16 you can still hitch a ride to GameStop where you can play Madden 16 right now on the in-store demo machine. GameStop hosts a midnight Madden 16 release date event tonight, as do many Best Buy locations.

Xbox One users can play Madden 16 early for up to 10 hours with EA Access. This is a subscription service from EA that offers early trials of EA games and full versions of a dozen games for $5 a month or $30 a year.

Use our guide to the Madden 16 release date to find out what you need to know about the game and see the slides below to learn how Madden 16 vs Madden 15 compares including Madden 16 gameplay videos from the Xbox One.

Madden 16 vs Madden 15: 10 Key Differences

Madden 16 Catch Upgrades

Madden 16 Catch Upgrades

In Madden 15 catching the ball is a one choice option that either happens or doesn't -- and if you are lucky when you catch it you can still pick up some yards. The receiver doesn't play very differently from one situation to another. 

In Madden 16 you can choose to catch the ball with an Aggressive Catch, a Run After Catch or a Possession Catch. This allows you to pick the right catch for the situation. 

If it's a long bomb where you need to go high, you can control the receiver and go up to grab that ball for a spectacular to watch catch. Unfortunately if you are near the sideline you might end up out-of-bounds and the odds are good you won't pick up any more yards if you use this in the middle of the field. 

The RAC option positions the receiver to add to the yards by catching with a focus on picking up more yards. This is perfect when throwing to a receiver that needs to pick up three or more yards after the catch to get the first down. 

Other times you just need to make a catch so that you can get the first down or keep the clock running. The Possession catch option delivers a catch that you are more likely to hold on to, but you might not get any added yards and if there is a lot of pressure you may miss out.

You can control all of these after the throw and it actually works really well.  

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