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Uncharted 4 Release Date: 10 Things to Know



Uncharted 4 Day One Updates

Uncharted 4 Day One Updates

Uncharted 4 requires PS4 users to download two day one patches. 

The first Uncharted 4 day one patch reportedly comes with a mix of bonus features, enhancements and bug fixes for problems. It will take the game version, surprise, to Version 1.01. 

Here is the full list of features that'll come with the day one patch. Note that it doesn't outline the specific bug fixes:

- Multiplayer Support
- Singleplayer ‘Encounter Select’ menu
- Bonus feature: Photo Mode
- Bonus feature: Character Model Viewer
- Bonus feature: Render Modes
- Bonus feature: Gameplay Modes
- Bonus feature: Singleplayer Character Skins
- Bonus feature: Weapon Selector
- Bonus feature: Journal Viewer
- Bonus feature: Concept Art Galleries
- General fixes and improvements

This day one patch isn't small and you'll need to download it on top of the main game file if you plan on playing Uncharted 4 on release day.


There's also a smaller day one patch that takes the game to version 1.02. This patch is reportedly 140MB in size but it's not clear what it brings to the table. The change log lists "general fixes and improvements." 



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