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Where to Buy the 2020 MacBook Air with Apple Stores Closed



The Apple Stores are all closed across the U.S., but you can still buy the new MacBook Air. If you want the 2020 MacBook Air on day one, you can choose to get it delivered from several stores.

You cannot buy the new MacBook Air in stores right now or choose to pick one up in a store next week. You can order the 2020 MacBook Air from five retailers to get the new model delivered this month.

With a cheaper $999 starting price, twice the performance and a new keyboard, this might be the perfect companion for your new work from home setup, or it could be a good time to give your old laptop to a kid and upgrade.

Where to buy the MacBook Air with Apple Stores closed.

You can buy the MacBook Air starting at $999 for everyone or $899 for students and teachers.

The only place to get the student discount right now is from Apple. Everyone else can choose from various models and configurations at any of these retailers.

5 Reasons to Buy the 2020 MacBook Air and 2 Reasons Not To

Buy for a New Keyboard

Buy for a New Keyboard

The 2020 MacBook Air gets the same keyboard as the Macbook Pro 16, and that is a major upgrade. 

The new MacBook Air keyboard offers more travel, a better arrow key layout and most importantly it is more reliable. The switch from a butterfly keyboard to the scissor-switch is a nice move and it may be the biggest reason for you to buy the 2020 Macbook Air. 

After using this keyboard for months on the 16-inch MacBook Pro this is a big deal, and it's held up well over time. 

If you type on your MacBook Air often, don't wait, buy the new model today. 

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