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Where to Buy the Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10+



The Samsung Galaxy S10 preorders are live at many retailers right now, and direct through Samsung. This is a comprehensive list of where to buy the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+, starting with a preorder.

We have you covered with our guide on if you should preorder the Galaxy S10 or wait and we have you covered whether you should buy the Galaxy S10 for the Galaxy S10+. We even have the answer about which Galaxy S10 color you should buy and a full list of the best Galaxy S10 pre-order tips and tricks, so now we need to help you figure out where to buy your Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10 release date is March 8th and pre-orders are now live, so you can lock in your order without waiting if you know you want this phone and not the Galaxy Fold.

Where to Preorder the Galaxy S10

This is where to preorder the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

This is where to preorder the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

At this stage there are no Galaxy S10 preorder issues with stock. It looks like most stores and carriers still have the new models ready for release day delivery, but you may see that slip on some of the colors and storage sizes as the release date arrives.

Here are the best places to put in a Galaxy S10 preorder to make sure that you get yours on the first day. You can score some Galaxy S10 deals and S10+ deals, but you need to add a new line as a second line or you need to trade in an old phone.

In addition to buying right at a carrier you have a few other options including Samsung, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers. Here are the links to check these options out.

You can preorder the Galaxy S10 or S10+ for online at these locations. You may find some in store pre-orders, but typically you need to order online for delivery. Best Buy allows you to preorder for in store pickup.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals

You can find some Galaxy S10 deals right now. These include the following deals you should check out before you buy.

If you are looking for the unlocked Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 plus you may want to go to Best Buy or Samsung.

3 Reasons to Pre-Order the Galaxy S10 & 4 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order If You Want the Galaxy S10 ASAP

Pre-Order If You Want the Galaxy S10 ASAP

If you've already decided to make one of the new Galaxy S10 models your next phone and you want it on your doorstep as soon as possible, you'll want to pre-order through Samsung, your carrier, or your favorite retailer. 

Pre-ordering the Galaxy S10 today will ensure that you get the model you want, in the color you want, on the first day of availability.

That's March 8th for most models in the United States though the unlocked and carrier-locked variants of the 128GB Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ ship out the week of March 15th.

The Galaxy S10 release date might be March 8th, but some pre-orders are already showing up on doorsteps in the United States. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 probably won't sell out completely so there's no need to rush. Models that do sell out will likely return soon after the device's launch. 

That said, if you want peace of mind and/or want a new phone in your hands right away, pick the option that best fits your needs and put in an order now. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe clarkson

    05/07/2019 at 7:49 pm

    I love the s10+ but the outright price is sooo pricey. I advise everyone to shop at to get any tech for a fraction of the retail price. At least your bank account will thank you for it, because mine thanked me.

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