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Which Galaxy S10 Color to Buy: Black, White, Blue or Ceramic?



In this guide we’ll help you decide which Galaxy S10 color is best and which one to buy. Samsung’s new phones are sleek, sexy, and come in six neat new colors this year. Basically, choosing a color is a big deal. If you’re asking yourself, “which Galaxy S10 color should I buy?” These are your options and what you need to know.

Will you buy the Galaxy S10 in Prism Black, go for a fancy new Green or Flamingo Pink, or pay extra for a Ceramic Black Galaxy S10 Plus? It’s a hard choice, so here’s a video showing each one.

Quick Answer: These phones are available in a slew of colors. That said, your best option is Prism Black or Prism White. Not to mention certain regions won’t offer them all. Prism Green is NOT available in the US, but Flamingo Pink and Prism Blue both are. Choose wisely.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Color Options

Keep in mind that while Samsung is only releasing a few colors right now, we’re expecting more in the coming weeks and months. Eventually, they’ll drop a few shades of blue, plus depending on the model you buy the colors are different. Like the Canary Yellow Galaxy S10e.

  • Galaxy S10 & S10+ come in: Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Canary Yellow and Flamingo Pink 
  • Additional “Ceramic” Black and White available on Galaxy S10+

Furthermore, the company is offering all-new Ceramic versions of the Galaxy S10+ that look pretty stunning, and are extremely durable when compared to glass phones.

Choosing Your Galaxy S10 Color

Personally, I choose black with every phone mainly because I’ll just use a case anyways. That said, some people don’t use a case so here’s more info to help you choose.

  • Prism Black – You’ll be watching a lot of movies, you don’t want to be flashy, and you love the all-black look.
  • Prism Blue – A good middle ground that is fancy, flashy, and packs a punch, but not too bright or shows every single fingerprint. You won’t use a case.
  • Prism White  This one is rather special. Prism White strikes a perfect balance of color, fun, and style without being overboard. With the right light, you’ll actually see shades of rainbow, blue or reds reflecting from the glass. It’s elegant.
  • Flamingo Pink – You want a bright, vivid and crisp color that stands out from the pack. This looks like no Galaxy we’ve ever seen. In certain light and angles, it looks extremely unique. You probably won’t use a case, and you’ll have a color that most people don’t. (It’s coming to the US too)
  • Prism Green – You want a uniquely beautiful and noticeable Galaxy S10 that has a deep sea blue/green touch that’s truly fantastic. It’s a bit underappreciated and looks great outdoors with the sun shining on it. Sadly, Green is not available in the US.
  • Canary Yellow This all-new Galaxy S10 color is quite loud, fun, energetic and unique. For now, it’s only available on the affordable Galaxy S10e, but we could see other models get it later.

Galaxy S10+ in Ceramic Black or Ceramic White?

Additionally, for the first time ever, Samsung is offering it’s biggest best Galaxy S10+ with an all new ceramic back. These are covered in an extremely durable, shatter-proof, and scratch-resistant ceramic instead of glass.

Unlike the Prism White color, Ceramic White is a very clean, smooth, pure white color. It will do an excellent job of hiding fingerprints while remaining gorgeous and robust. Plus, you can get the Ceramic model with a mind-boggling 1TB of storage.

The Ceramic Black color looks almost just like the regular black model. Only you’re getting a more durable frame instead of fragile glass, slightly fewer fingerprints, and a far more expensive device.

Final Thoughts

Basically, choose whatever floats your boat. We’re extremely happy to see Samsung finally offering more colors for the United States. Every year they showcase a slew of color options but stick to Black, White, and maybe Purple (if we’re lucky) from US carriers.

This year, the Galaxy S10 series is available in several beautiful finishes around the globe. The only color not offered in the United States by carriers is Prism Green, at least not yet.

So, order yours today and enjoy all it has to offer. Don’t forget to buy a Galaxy S10 screen protector, maybe a wallet case, and take advantage of fancy features like wireless charging.

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