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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 Right Now



The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 are still two of the best phones you can buy right now, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one and here’s why. They have big screens, powerful software and great cameras, making them very tempting, but we recommend holding off.

Buyers have a lot of phones to choose from right now and even more are on the way. And while there’s always something better coming soon, February and March aren’t a good time to buy a new phone.

That’s because we just started a new year with amazing phones and new technology on the way. We’re not only talking about the upcoming Galaxy S10 either. There are actually several different reasons we recommend waiting before you buy something today.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release

If you bought a Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9 right now no one would blame you, they’re great phones. For every reason the Galaxy S9 is worth buying, upcoming phones have more reasons for you to wait. The biggest one being the inevitable Galaxy S10 release.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will come in at least three different sizes, including one with five cameras total. They’re adding bigger screens to a thinner design with nearly no bezels, so the front is all screen. Plus, this year we’re getting bigger batteries, the latest Android 9 Pie software and stunning camera features.

In just a few days on February 20th, Samsung will announce a 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 Lite, a 6.1-inch Galaxy S10, and an even bigger and better 6.4-inch Galaxy S10+. These will be the same size as the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, or smaller, thanks to no bezels at the top and the bottom of the phone. The front is all screen, as you can see above. They’ll be available to buy on March 8th.

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If you simply wait a few weeks you’ll have the option to buy the latest and greatest phone Samsung has to offer. It’ll be an experience similar to the Galaxy S9, only better in every way. And if you don’t like the camera cutouts inside the screen or the Galaxy S10 is too expensive, once it arrives the Galaxy S9 will see heavy discounts. Or, you can get the flat-screen Galaxy S10E.

A Flat-screen Galaxy S10 “E” is Coming

Do you hate curved screens on smartphones? All of Samsung’s phones have curved glass, where the display bends over the edge of the device into the frame. It looks great but makes the phones thinner, feel smaller, harder to type on, and more fragile. I love my curved screen, but I know several people that absolutely will not buy one.

We have good news. This year Samsung is releasing three different Galaxy S10 phones, as we said above. One of those has a 5.8-inch flat display like the Galaxy S6, Note 5, or other phones. The sides will NOT be curved, yet it’ll still have tons of amazing features.

Flat-screen Galaxy S10 Lite (E)

The Galaxy S10 Lite (or Galaxy S10E) will arrive on February 20th along with the others, be the most affordable model of the bunch, have a flat screen, yet still pack dual cameras on the back and work great. The only potential downside is the side-mounted fingerprint scanner in the power button. Not an in-display sensor. However, that could end up being a plus as this technology is still new.

The OnePlus 7 is Coming Soon

One of the most exciting smartphones of 2019 will likely be the upcoming OnePlus 7, right behind Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series. OnePlus is quickly becoming a household name, and last year they finally started offering their amazing phones on T-Mobile and with support for Verizon Wireless.

The upcoming OnePlus 7 will give the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+ and even the 2019 iPhone all a run for their money. It’ll have a huge screen with no bezels, notches, or cutouts of any kind. It’ll be one of the most powerful and fastest phones on the market, and it’ll be cheaper than ALL of the competition.

Brand new OnePlus 7 concept based on leaks (slides)

Offering premium high-end flagship smartphones for 40-50% cheaper than the other guys is what made them famous, and that’ll continue in 2019 with the OnePlus 7. I’m so excited about this phone, that it might be the first device to peel me away from Samsung in several years.

As you can see, the front is all screen. They’ve put the front-facing camera in the body behind the screen, which slides down when you need to take a selfie. That way you don’t have a notch or a cutout in the screen. It’s a unique approach we’ve seen a few times, but never in a device coming to the United States for what’s likely around $600 or less. Here’s everything we know about it.

5G is Almost Here

The future of wireless communications, technology, and gadgets is 5G. These days we use 4G LTE to browse the web, watch videos, and experience games, VR, apps and more on our mobile devices. It’s how fast the internet delivers those experiences to our phones, tablets, TVs and more. That said, in 2019 something faster is coming, which is 5G.

While the OnePlus 7 and the regular Galaxy S10 probably won’t have 5G, specific models of those phones will. We’re expecting 5G devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, LG and probably a few others by the end of the year. I don’t think anyone should wait and pass up the Galaxy S9 or even the Galaxy S10 specifically for 5G, but it is something to consider.

If you’re looking for the biggest, best, fastest and are considering the Galaxy Note 9, you might want to wait a few more months to see how realistic 5G in a phone will be this year. It’s just a thought.

LG G8, iPhone 11 & More

As we said earlier, there are several great smartphones coming in 2019. Whether that’s the latest device from LG, a new Motorola phone with attachable MotoMods that enhance functionality, or even the iPhone 11. You’ll have several amazing choices later this year if you wait just a little bit.

We’re just starting to get into the meat of 2019, a new year with new products, technology, services, software and features. A lot of stuff is coming. Things you may or may not want to wait for and enjoy.

Basically, don’t buy the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 right now. If you already held off 11 months or even 6 months on the Note 9, what’s wrong with waiting a little longer? Wait to see what every other company is working on this year before you make up your mind and get stuck into a phone that’s already almost a year old.

Don’t get me wrong, the Galaxy S9 is an amazing phone and what I use daily, but this late it’s worth waiting instead of buying one today.

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