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7 2019 Phones Worth Waiting For



Thinking about upgrading your phone? There are a ton of great options out on shelves right now, but there are a bunch of exciting phones coming in 2019.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your device you have a big decision to make: Buy something from the current crop of devices or wait to see what companies like Apple, Samsung, and HTC do next year. It’s not an easy decision to make.

Companies launched some outstanding devices in 2018 and many of them are much cheaper than they were thanks to their age and holiday deals aimed at those looking to upgrade.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, OnePlus 6T, and Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL should be on your radar. Older devices from 2017 are also an option if you aren’t looking to break the bank with your next phone purchase.

As we push toward the end of the year though we’re starting to hear more about the devices that will replace some of these phones in 2019.

We don’t have the full picture just yet, but phones like the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, and Pixel 3 Lite should also be on your radar as we approach the new year.

Today we want to take you through these 2019 phones and fill you in on what you should know before you buy your next device. Our guide outlines what we currently know about these rumored and confirmed phones and when you can expect them to land on shelves.

We’re starting off with the phones that are either confirmed or heavily rumored. You can expect more than seven exciting device to launch next year, but these are the devices that’ve caught our eye and the devices you need to be aware of as you look to buy your next device.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

We're only a few weeks removed from Apple's iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR launches, but we've already heard quite a bit about the company's plans for 2019. 

Apple's reportedly working on at least three new iPhones for 2019, four if you include the oft-rumored iPhone SE 2, and we expect the new models to hit shelves next fall during the usual timeframe. 

That's a long time to wait, but waiting might be the right decision for many of you. The 2019 iPhones will apparently come with some major upgrades. 

Apple will reportedly bring some major camera upgrades to the iPhone line next year and it might shrink the notch on the iPhone's display. We also expect the company to tack on the usual processor and software upgrades with iOS 13 likely powering the new models. 

If you're an iPhone user or you're thinking about making the switch, take a look at our early guide to buying the 2019 iPhone

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