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Xbox One Fallout 4 Release: 9 Important Details



Fallout 4 Pip Boy Alternatives

Fallout 4 Pip Boy Alternatives

Rsellers on eBay are selling the Xbox One Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition for $300 or more. That's a step price for a game that was $120 at retailers like Amazon and GameStop. Fortunately, you have some alternatives if you want to pay less than $300 for a working Pip Boy. 

The draw of the Pip Boy is that it looks and functions like a real Pip Boy. The gadget doesn't come with a screen of its own though. It requires a compatible smartphone and Bethesda's application. Stick the smartphone into the Pip Boy, fire up the app, and you'll be able to interact with Fallout 4.

Well, you don't need Bethesda's Pip Boy to do that. You have alternatives and some of these alternatives actually look better than the Pip Boy Edition version. Better yet, they're far cheaper than the $300 asking price on eBay. 

Remember, Bethesda's Pip Boy and these other alternatives will only fit certain phones. For more specific details on the official accessory's dimensions, head over to Bethesda's blog. The alternatives should have their dimensions listed on their product pages.



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  2. dtucker

    09/09/2015 at 8:20 pm

    The only bundle that wasn’t mentioned is one that includes an Xbox One. They should offer that. Preferably a Terabyte.

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