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Xbox Scorpio Price and Name Detailed Ahead of E3 2017 Briefing



Project Scorpio is arriving as Xbox Scorpio and a new leak details the Xbox Scorpio price just ahead of the Microsoft E3 2017 live stream where the company will detail everything you need to know about the new console.

Unveiled as Project Scorpio, there has been significant speculation about the official name of the new Xbox for 2017. According to a Best Buy Canada newsletter image, Microsoft is sticking close to home with the official name. You’ll soon be able to pre-order the Xbox Scorpio. This is not a simple update to the Xbox One or Xbox One S, and Microsoft already invested heavily in the Scorpio name, so sticking with it for the final version of the console makes a lot of sense.

The Xbox Scorpio price is not confirmed but Geoff Keighley tweeted that the Xbox Scorpio price is $499. This comes days after Micheal Pachter suggested a $399 price for the console.

Microsoft is positioning this as a premium gaming console and many gamers expected a $399 or higher price. There is a good chance Microsoft is behind this leak to Keighley in order to set the expectation for gamers ahead of the official unveiling on stage.

The Xbox Scorpio release date is set for late 2017, likely just in time for the holiday season. We’ll see a number of Xbox Scorpio games, but so far there are no exclusive games, only exclusive features or experiences. We know that Madden 18 will look better on the Scorpio and that Xbox VR experiences will only work with the Xbox Scorpio. Here’s more on why you should wait for the Xbox Scorpio.

Source: Best Buy Canada Newsletter

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