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Xbox Scorpio vs. Xbox One S: 3 Reasons to Upgrade

Xbox Scorpio will be the most powerful video game console ever made. That claim isn’t controversial. It’s the Xbox Scorpio’s relationship to the Xbox One and Xbox One S that is drawing raise eyebrows from some.

Microsoft began selling the first Xbox One models back in 2013. At the time, the company had a very different idea of what a living room entertainment console should be. Xbox One S, which launched in 2016, is a smaller, sleeker version of the original 2013 console that doesn’t have a Kinect motion sensor port. It does have a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player and support for 4K video content.

Some people are upset at the idea of the Xbox Scorpio because the console isn’t like the Xbox One S. That is, it’s not a mostly superficial upgrade that changes a few ports and adds a few new features. The Xbox Scorpio has completely new hardware inside. That hardware enables it to run all the same games that the Xbox One S does, but only better.

The front of the Xbox One S.
The Xbox One S.

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Microsoft recently began talking about the internals of the Xbox Scorpio. It’s already clear that the console will be better than the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Here’s why hardcore gamers will want this new console for sure.

Xbox Scorpio vs. Xbox One S: Xbox Scorpio Will Deliver True 4K Games

The Xbox One S release was all about doing three things really. Microsoft needed to update the look and design of the original Xbox One. The meant finding a way to shrink the console and get rid of the power brick that was needed to power it. The company also wanted to support 4K televisions. The Xbox One S is one of the cheapest ways to play 4K Blu-ray movies. It also features 4K video streams from Amazon Video and Netflix. The Xbox One S doesn’t pack enough horsepower to deliver 4K video games though. Instead, games are upscaled to fill 4K televisions.

The Xbox One S with stand.
The Xbox One S with stand.

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Xbox One S has 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an eight core 1.75GHz processor. The graphics processor inside has 12 computing units.

Xbox Scorpio games that support the console will be able to finally run with a true 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The console has eight 2.5GHz cores, 40 graphics processor compute units and 12GB of GDDR5 RAM.

xbox scorpio core
The processor inside the Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft won’t allow developers to make a game for Xbox Scorpio that isn’t also available for Xbox One S. That being said, Scorpio has an advantage here. When it launches, Xbox Scorpio will offer the same games as the Xbox One S with better graphics.

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Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Xbox Scorpio Will Run Existing Games Better

Microsoft isn’t just pushing newer games as a reason to purchase Xbox Scorpio. Again, developers won’t be allowed to create titles that don’t also run on the Xbox One S.

The console’s architecture will allow it to improve games that already exist on Xbox One and Xbox One S, all without updates from developers.

Battlefield 1, The Division are just two of the many games that use dynamic resolution technology. These games adjust their resolution based on how many frames per second the hardware they running on is capable of at that moment. Microsoft says that technology inside Xbox Scorpio will allow these games to reach the maximum resolution that they support consistently without an upgrade from developers.

Battlefield 1 offers dynamic resolution technology.

It’s not just these games that’ll run better on Xbox Scorpio, though. Microsoft is promising faster loading, better texture filtering and smoother performance on games that don’t have dynamic resolution, according to Digital Foundry. “What this means in practice is that games that cannot fully sustain their target framerate on Xbox One stand a really good chance of doing so on Scorpio,” the outlet notes.  

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S: Game DVR on Xbox Scorpio Will Be Better

Another thing that’ll be better on the Xbox Scorpio than on the Xbox One is Game DVR. Since 2013, the feature has allowed gamers to save video clips and capture screenshots from their favorite titles. It’s a feature that made its debut with Xbox One and has grown to power the Activity Feed that makes Xbox Live feel like a living community of gamers.

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The extra horsepower and internals will allow Xbox Scorpio users to capture 4K video from their games at 60 frames per second with this creating any drag on performance. On Xbox One S you need to be thinking about capturing a screenshot before or after you record a video to go with it. Xbox Scorpio’s Game DVR will let users take screenshots from the videos they’ve already captured.

Clearly, Microsoft’s Xbox hardware teams set out to accomplish exactly what they meant to. The Xbox Scorpio will offer the same games with better performance and new games with much better visuals. Of course, there are still other things to consider before you commit to purchasing Xbox Scorpio and ditching Xbox One S. First, we have no idea how much the Xbox Scorpio will cost buyers when it arrives this holiday shopping season.

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Second, Xbox Scorpio games, titles that are built specifically to take advantage of its 4K gaming technology, haven’t been announced yet. Theoretically, we’ll hear more about the price and Xbox Scorpio games at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing on Sunday, June 11th at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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