How to Download and Open Zip Files on the iPhone

With mobile technology, the ability to access files from anywhere is the new norm. This being said, there are times when certain file types do not work correctly on mobile devices.

For iPhone owners this has been the case with any file in a zipped format. While zipping a file is a universal operation for computers, the iPhone does not understand how to read these files.

Luckily by using a free or paid app this problem is completely alleviated. The app that we used to open zip files on the iPhone is Zip Viewer.

Zip Viewer is a free app that can read any zipped file that you download from the internet, or in online storage systems such as Dropbox. Download Zip Viewer, and follow the steps below to view zipped files on the iPhone.

Zip Viewer for iPhone.


How to Download Zip Files

On the iPhone open Safari. Once Safari is open, browse to the link where the zip file is located. Once the file is found, tap the link to download the file.

Tap Zip


Tap Open in “Zip Viewer.”



Open In Zip Viewer



The zip file will then display in the file window of the Zip Viewer app. Tap the file downloaded from Safari.

Tap File



On the next page, select the file again to view the content of the file.

View FileOnce completed, the file is displayed in the next window.

Zipped File


How to Open Zip Files from Dropbox.

Another way to view zip files on the iPhone is from Dropbox. Dropbox is a convenient way to transfer zip files between your computer and iPhone and to download them whenever.

Tap Dropbox.



Browse to the location of the zipped file and tap on it.

Select Zip Dropbox

While Dropbox can open PDF documents, and some other file types, it cannot open zip files. Tap Save in the bottom right hand corner.

Select Save Dropbox

Next, tap Open In “Zip Viewer.”

Open In Zip Viewer Dropbox


After the Zip Viewer app opens, tap the file downloaded from Dropbox.

Select to View Dropbox File


Tap the file again to view it in the next window.

Open Dropbox File


In the preview window, your zipped picture or text document will display.

View Zipped Picture


This process is also very handy for opening zip files from email. Many files sent over email are in a zipped format to help cut down on the attachment size. Follow the same process to open zip files from your email on the iPhone.