iPhone 5 iOS 9 Update: 10 Things to Know After Two Weeks

The iPhone 5 iOS 9 update is two weeks old. In those two weeks we’ve seen a number of new details emerge (including two new iOS 9 updates) and today we want to recap and take a look at the most important things we’ve learned about the iPhone 5 iOS 9 release.

In June, Apple confirmed plans to release yet another iOS update for its aging former flagship from 2012. The iPhone 5, a device that started with iOS 6 on board, would be getting the iOS 9 update that Apple had planned for the fall.

In mid-September, Apple made good on its promise and released the iPhone 5 iOS 9 update. And while the iPhone 5 isn’t the spring chicken that it once was, Apple managed to pack a ton of features and enhancements into the device’s upgrade.

Two weeks ago, we downloaded and installed the iPhone 5 iOS 9.0 update. A week ago, we installed the iOS 9.0.1 update. And yesterday, we installed Apple’s brand new iPhone 5 iOS 9.0.2 update. Yes, we’ve seen seen three iOS 9 updates roll out in three weeks. That list doesn’t include the new iOS 9.1 beta for iPhone 5.

We’ve been taking a close look at the iPhone 5 iOS 9 update and today we want to tell you about a few things that we’ve learned about the current state of the update and the iPhone 5 iOS 9 update’s future. Keep these in mind as we push ahead towards the iPhone 5’s iOS 9.1 release.

iPhone 5 iOS 9 Performance: Mostly Good

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iPhone 5 iOS 9 Performance: Mostly Good

We've used all three iOS 9 updates on the iPhone 5 and thus far, we've mostly had a good experience with Apple's brand new software. However, there is one issue that's been plaguing our device and we're concerned that it might not go away without a factory reset. 

The good: The iPhone 5 iOS 9 update is holding up well in key areas like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and app performance. We haven't run into any major bugs though the device continues to struggle in one very important area. 

The bad: The UI feels sluggish and jerky. We can't even open a folder without experiencing a little stutter. The same thing happens when we swipe to the right to open up Spotlight Search. It lags. 

This is an issue that we've been dealing with since the release of iOS 8.1 and that's why we're convinced that it's not going to go away without a factory reset of the device. 

For now, iOS 9's features and performance and other areas make the software tolerable on the iPhone 5 and we're hopeful that the iOS 9.1 update helps dislodge these speed issues. We'll see. 

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