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10 Common OnePlus 6 Problems & How to Fix Them



The OnePlus 6 is still a pretty great phone with plenty to love but it’s not perfect. Now that it’s over a year old and has seen several updates, the experience is pretty great, but can always be better. We’re still hearing about a new OnePlus 6 problems, so here’s how to fix them.

Luckily, you can easily fix most of these OnePlus 6 issues from home. You won’t need help from a carrier retail store or have to browse the OnePlus forum for hours. Plus, we’ll regularly update this post with helpful info and new fixes as they become available.

It’s still a worthy replacement for the OnePlus 5 and a great alternative to the latest Galaxy. We’ll walk you through some of the biggest complaints, then explain any information available to fix it. Including fixes for new OnePlus Oxygen OS 9 Android Pie problems.

This is by far the best OnePlus phone ever released, well, until you have the stunning OnePlus 6T. Either way, we’re seeing a lot of small complaints at the official OnePlus forum, and popular sites like XDA Developers. From GPS issues, WiFi drops, charging issuescamera complaints, missing featuresBluetooth fails, Bluetooth headphone problems, display issues on Pie, sound glitches and average battery life.

Remember, don’t let that list scare you. The phone is still fairly new, updates come out all the time, and chances are you have none, or only one, of those problems. Not the entire list. In fact, the latest OxygenOS 9.0.3 OnePlus 6 Android Pie update has a slew of fixes.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that updates in June, August, and December had lots of bug fixes last year. Then, the company has slowly released several updates, including Android 9 Pie in 2019, that made the experience better than ever. Make sure you’re on the latest software for the best experience. The August 2019 update fixed several little issues.

Recently, OnePlus improved VoLTE, the dual sim cards, call stability, portrait mode to the front camera, call clarity, battery percentage in the notification bar, improved ringtone volume and more. Not to mention improved HDR mode, fixed screen flickering, and battery life adjustments. Here’s more info on OxygenOS 9.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 WiFi Problems

With every new phone release, we hear complaints about WiFi. From poor connectivity, drops, to even 5GHz not working right. We had similar issues on the OnePlus 5T that the company fixed, but some might be back for the OP6.

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If you’re having WiFi problems we have a few suggestions. For one, try turning it off and back on inside settings on the phone. It’s also a good idea to power down your WiFi router at home for a few minutes and turn it back on. Another option is to head to Settings > WiFi and forget your wireless network. Then search again and reconnect, put in the password, and try it again. This completely resets the connection between your phone and WiFi and hopefully fixes your problem.

The January 2nd, 2019 update for the OnePlus 6 and 6T has a slew of bug fixes. We saw more in March, and a big one in June.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Problems

WiFi isn’t the only one, as we hear complaints about Bluetooth with every new phone too. With a vast array of devices trying to connect issues are bound to surface. We’re already seeing car audio, Bluetooth, and radio complaints.

The biggest complaint is Bluetooth in cars, where the phone simply won’t connect. For one, the OnePlus 6 connects but the phone icon is greyed out. If so, turn off HD calling in settings, as a few users claim that fixed the problem. Another idea is to simply reboot your phone, or restart your car and stereo. Bluetooth is always a little tricky, so try to forget all pairings and start over and see if it goes away.

Basically, unpair everything and start over. Oreo had tons of Bluetooth problems and Google claims everything is fixed with Android 9 Pie. Google has more fixes in Android Q too, which is coming soon.

OnePlus 6 Apps Aren’t Fullscreen (or Notch problems)

There are two screen issues a lot of people will face. Apps not being fullscreen thanks to the long and skinny design, or app content getting cut off by the notch. There’s simply no way around this until all app developers support the notch. Once you get Android Pie you’ll have options to control the notch too.

A prime example is YouTube, it doesn’t use the entire display. However, you can pinch to zoom and it will expand to fullscreen mode. Give it a try and enjoy that full 6.3-inch screen.

Speaking of the screen, the August 15th update fixed screen flickering problems we’ve been hearing about for months. If you’re still experiencing screen issues consider reaching out to the company for a potential replacement. Any other issue has been resolved.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 Face Unlock Problems

One of the best features on the OnePlus 6 is the blazingly fast face unlock. It doesn’t work the same way Apple’s iPhone X does, but it’s extremely fast and accurate. Well, as long as you’re not having problems.

There were a lot of inconsistency issues with Face Unlock on the OnePlus 5T, but we’re not seeing any complaints yet for the 6. However, some users will likely run into a few problems.

No matter what update you’re running, redo the face unlock process to get rid of any weird issues or failures. Simply delete your registered face and redo the recognition process. Take it slow, and make sure you complete the scan in a room with a lot of light, or preferably outdoors. This gives it the best recognition possible and will help the phone register your face in less than ideal situations.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Are you having problems with the fingerprint scanner? Typically we see reports that it won’t recognize a finger, or owners are getting false readings when the phone is in their pocket. Causing the battery to drain faster than it should.

Go to Settings, tap the search icon and type in Pocket Mode. This is an option setting you can enable if you keep getting false readings from the scanner in your pocket or a purse.

As for regular fingerprint scanner problems, you need to start over. If it’s not registering your finger we recommend deleting any saved prints. This is especially true if you’re using a case and put it on after you setup your fingerprints. A case will change the angle of the scan and may impact performance. Add fingerprints to your device after you install a case. You can also try registering the same finger twice. We hear that fixes issues for a lot of users. That, or just use Face Unlock.

A recent update added the option to confirm the PIN without tapping, making it easier to unlock the phone too. Then, the August 2019 update had fixes specifically aimed at the fingerprint sensor.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 Audio Problems

Another relatively common complaint is regarding audio. From the speakers overall, ringtones, or while watching videos. Honestly, we’re not sure why, because it all works fine here. Of course, everyone uses their phone differently. That said, we are seeing several complaints about ringtone volume being way too quiet. It changed thanks to a recent update, so let us know if you’re still dealing with this.

However, we are seeing a lot of new complaints about calls being dropped completely, or users unable to hear anyone on a phone call until they hang up and call back. Essentially, basic functions like phone call volume and phone call stability are struggling. OnePlus was very aware of the complaints on the forum and immediately fixed the audio issues.

Oh, and Oxygen OS 9.0.3 added an audio tuner for BT headphones, so try it out.

OnePlus 6 Missing Features

We’re already starting to see complaints that the OnePlus 6 is missing features people typically enjoy on OnePlus devices. Most notably, the Always-On Display option in settings disappeared with a recent update. This is something early adopters enjoyed, but now it’s gone. OnePlus removed the AOD over battery life concerns at the last minute, but could add it back at a later date as an optional feature. For now, go to settings > display > and turn on Ambient Display. This will wake the screen when you lift the phone up. It’s no always-on display but it’s close.

Then, things like battery percentages in the notification bar and a few other customization features from the OnePlus 5T were completely missing. However, OnePlus already added features such as the battery percentage, front-facing camera portrait mode, and others in updates. Now, you’ll notice even more that’s new once you get Android Pie.

How to Fix OnePlus 6 Battery Life Problems

It’s a never-ending cycle. Every new phone arrives with complaints about battery life. That said, we’re seeing a lot of them about the OnePlus 6. There’s a massive thread at the official forum full of details, help, and advice.

With a big 6.3-inch screen and a 3,300 mAh battery, you can expect average battery life. As an example, the Galaxy S9+ has a 3,500 mAh battery and a smaller 6.2-inch screen. It’s just what OnePlus chose to use.

However, if you are noticing actual battery life problems, something might be wrong. Go into settings and make sure an app isn’t draining your juice. Head to Settings > Battery and see what’s at the top of the list. Typically Android system, Android OS, or the screen is at the top. If there is something else at the top, like Face Unlock, something isn’t right. Uninstall it, disable the app, or tap on it and hit “Force Close” to kill an app that’s draining the battery. Or, try a quick and simple reboot.

We also recommend customizing location settings, turning the screen brightness down to around 40% or automatic, and closing big apps you no longer need. Here’s a guide to getting better OnePlus 6 battery life. Plus, the Oxygen OS 9.0 Android Pie update added all of Google’s battery management controls. OnePlus then added adaptive battery mode and more to the phone to make it last as long as possible.

General OnePlus 6 Problems & Bugs

Of course, some users may have other small problems here and there. Don’t forget to scroll through this list of Android Pie problems and fixes. Now that the company has released multiple updates to Pie, things should be rather stable.

For any and all other problems, the first step is to quickly reboot your OnePlus 6. Whether that’s screen glitches or rotation, lag, app crashes, or other minor things, try rebooting your phone. Actually, you can fix almost all little problems by rebooting the phone. Simply long-press the power button, and hit “restart”.

This is by far the best solution to any minor issue. If the phone is completely unresponsive push and hold the power button, and hold it down for 10 seconds. This forces the OnePlus 6 to do a hard reset and reboot. It won’t erase anything, but it’ll give you a fresh start.

For now, if you’re experiencing any other crazy problems we recommend reporting it at the OnePlus forum, and wait for the next few Android Pie updates.

How to Factory Reset the OnePlus 6

In closing, if you are experiencing major problems or can’t find a solution to something, try a factory data reset. This is the last resort and will erase everything, but it can fix most problems. Backup anything important, then follow our steps below.

Head to Settings by pulling down the notification bar and hitting the gear-shaped icon near the top. In settings scroll down to Backup & reset and then tap Factory Data Reset. The phone will reboot a few times, erase everything, and boot up fresh and ready to go. This will give you a completely fresh start, and often solves pesky problems.

If you’re doing a reset, you might as well go back to the stock software so your phone is ready for the Android Pie update by following these steps.

What’s Next for the OnePlus 6?

So what’s next for you and your phone? Well, now that Android 9 Pie is here your focus is likely turning towards Android Q, which is coming later this year or early 2020.

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Take advantage of everything Pie has to offer and enjoy all the improvements it delivered, or try the Android Q beta as we await the official software release. They worked hard on the beta for months, but a few things fell through the cracks that they just fixed.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the official OnePlus forums for more information, incoming updates, and other helpful advice. As soon as new software arrives to fix any of these problems, or new problems emerge, we’ll update this post. Plus, expect a few issues once Android 10 debuts.



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    in order of Oneplus 6 …I decided to add a ” Priority posting because I am due to go on holidays so wanting to make sure the phone arrives before to enable me to set the phone up etc… My wife orderded the same phone on the same day…she has not paid priority …and she has received her phone yesterday, the 25th May 18 in the morning …although not having paid extra for Priority and security ..she received the phone faster and had to sign for it which was as secured…?? When I contacted support… they eventually refunded me the priority extra I have paid of £2.99 but I feel that this miss advertising is not wright and I do not feel adquately compenstated….specially when this is the start of a relationship with a new brand…. I have been many years with Apple Phones and my family pursuaded me to move to android and Oneplus…before I even start with the usage of the phone I am already experiencing problems with the cusotomer support…. what a start….!!!!!????

    Below Oneplus note when buying the phone:
    Normally, you will get estimated dispatch and estimated delivery info during checkout. Shipping times depend on the shipping method available in your region.

    Once your order has been dispatched, the shipping time is:

    Standard Shipping – 3-7 business days for delivery

    Priority Shipping – 1-3 business days for delivery

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