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Minecraft Better Together Release Date & Details



The Minecraft Better Together release is the biggest thing happening in the Minecraft universe all year, and it’s almost here.

Revealed earlier this summer, Minecraft Better Together is a huge update for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, iOS and Android gamers. It takes its name from an updated multiplayer system that lets you play it with people who don’t have the same console, smartphone or tablet as you do. It also adds new blocks, materials, dirt and upgrades to how the game works.

The Minecraft Better Together release should excite everyone who plays the game: Mojang and Microsoft are giving the update to most players for free. Here’s everything that you need to know about the update’s launch.

Minecraft Better Together Release Date

Your Minecraft Better Together release date depends on which devices you have the game on and how you purchased the game.

If you have Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android or iOS, you get the Minecraft Better Together Update free beginning September 20th. It will arrive as a regular app or game update through your device’s app store. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition players should also get the game update as a free update to their existing game on September 20th.

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The Minecraft Better Together release is much more complicated on consoles. Xbox One gamers with a digital copy of the game get the update immediately, just like phone, tablet and PC users. However, it will take time before gamers get the Better Together Update for their disc copy of Minecraft Xbox One Edition. This is because Mojang needs to add a digital copy of the game to their Xbox One game collection first. The company says it may take days before disc gamers get their digital download. Also, gamers only qualify if they have played at least five hours of Minecraft using their disc. This offer expires on January 30th, 2018.

The news isn’t much better for owners of other consoles. The Minecraft Better Together Update for Nintendo Switch won’t launch until Winter, according to Mojang. PS4 owners won’t get the Better Together Update at all.

Minecraft Better Together Updated Features & Materials

The Minecraft Better Together release has new features for the game and new materials for you to craft with.

The new materials include stained glass, fireworks, parrots, banners, armor stands, jukeboxes, music discs, a recipe book, books and quill, ravines and coarse dirt. You can start building with these new materials in your existing worlds immediately, or use bonus chests and trusted players in a new world. Worlds can now naturally regenerate. Also, the /Tickingarea command sets areas to update when you aren’t playing.

The update’s best feature is its support for cross-platform multiplayer. If you have the Better Together Update, you can play with other users that have it, no matter what device they are on. For example, an Xbox One owner can play with an iPhone owner.

The Minecraft Better Together Update lets you decide how transparent the game’s character info panels are, and new loading screens teach newcomers how to play. Minecraft Realms access and the Minecraft Marketplace are also in the Minecraft Better Together Update.

Minecraft Better Together Price

The Minecraft Better Together release isn’t like the game’s texture or themed packs. It’s a free update that doesn’t cost gamers who own the title anything at all.

Gamers that don’t own a copy that’s getting the update will have to pay something. For example, Xbox 360 isn’t getting the update, so if you have it, you will need to upgrade to an Xbox One and buy a new copy of the game. Luckily, the latest Xbox One S bundles come with the game for free. Otherwise, the game costs $20.

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Later this year, Mojang will launch the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack. Like the Better Together Update, this add-on is also free. It will bring 4K visuals to the game in time for the Xbox One X launch. It was announced with the Better Together Update in June.

Better Together Minecraft DLC: 6 Things to Know

The Better Together Minecraft DLC Release Date

The Better Together Minecraft DLC Release Date

We don’t know the Better Together Minecraft DLC release date. Microsoft and Mojang have not revealed it.

The two have discussed the upgrade’s release window. Expect the Better Together DLC to arrive on your video game console, smartphone or tablet sometime this summer. This means that the update can launch anytime between now and late September. Microsoft confirmed this release window in a press release.

We expect Mojang to release Better Together to all available platforms it on the same day.

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