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10 Neat Things the OnePlus 5T Can Do



The OnePlus 5T is a powerful phone with a lot of exciting features. And while most will love the big edge-to-edge display or dual cameras, that isn’t all this phone has to offer. Below we’ll share 10 neat things the OnePlus 5T can do in an effort to help owners enjoy their phone to the fullest.

When you first see it, you might just think it’s a taller OnePlus 5. Considering the design is almost identical aside from a few small changes and a bigger 6-inch display. However, OnePlus managed to pack some noteworthy changes and features into its latest phone.

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Whether you just bought the OnePlus 5T or plan on getting one, you’ll want to take advantage of every cool or useful feature. Some are easy to find and well-known to OnePlus users. That said, there is a slew of new or exciting ones you probably don’t know about.

During the announcement up on stage, the company shared a lot of highlights about this impressive phone. From the powerful hardware inside, the fast dual cameras on the back, or the big HD display.

However, everyone already knows about most of that stuff. Everyone knows the fingerprint scanner is on the back, but still faster than ever. There are two cameras on the back, and of course, it can take Portrait photography like the iPhone X. Those are all great, but here we’re focusing on those hidden features that make it exciting.

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Some of these include launching apps with gestures, running two of the same apps in parallel, expanded screenshots, or streaming audio to multiple devices at the same time.

Those are just a few of many exciting aspects you’ll want to know about. In an effort to help owners understand everything the OnePlus 5T has to offer, here are 10 things you can do with your new phone.

Reading Mode

Reading Mode

Even though OnePlus phones look like they run stock Android, they have a lot of exciting features sprinkled throughout the software. In fact, OnePlus adds more customization and additional features than most, you just don't realize it because it's not in your face. They don't change things too much, and instead, keep it simple. 

However, one thing you'll find in settings that's really helpful is the OnePlus Reading Mode. This isn't your typical screen changing mode, but something far more useful. 

Reading Mode turns the entire screen to grayscale, and gets rid of any colors. It basically mimics an e-reader, which makes reading books, magazines, or websites easier. Easier to read and easier on the eyes. 

Go to Settings > Display > Reading Mode and toggle on the Reading Mode Slider. Then, you can customize it so certain apps like the Kindle app instantly start Reading mode. Enjoy. 

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