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10 Things to Do Before Installing Galaxy S10 Android 10



Make Room for Android 10

Make Room for Android 10

The Galaxy S10's Android 10 update requires a sizable chunk of space on your internal storage. If you're running out of space, or even if you're not, use this time to cleanup your device's storage. 

If you've owned your Galaxy S10 since launch, your internal storage might be cluttered with files you no longer need. 

Before you install the Android 10 update, take a look at your storage (internal, and even external if you need to) and get rid of items taking up room.

You can use your Galaxy S10's Device maintenance feature (now called Device care on Android 10) in your Settings to help narrow down the list of items to delete. 

Once you've got this done you'll be ready for the Android 10 download. You might even see an increase to your device's overall speed.

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